Singer the Mask (TF1): Who is the Elephant? All clues to find celebrities in costume have been revealed

After a successful third season, singer mask Her return to TF1 occurred on Tuesday 23 August 2022. Entertainment Camille Compalwhose jury has been radically changed, has enabled his channel to position itself at the forefront of hearings.

for its 4 season, singer mask She invited twelve characters to hide under important costumes. During the first episode, viewers were able to spot a Dalmatian, a baby, a mouse, a pharaoh, a gingerbread, and an elephant. Marian James and Frederick Deventhal, who were hiding behind Baby and Gingerbread, were the first to be eliminated.

In both numbers singer mask, the characters, who are still in competition, will participate in the musical performances. The jury made up of how adamsAnd the Chantal LadsousAnd the Vita And the Jeff Panaclock, will try to reveal who is hiding under each of the costumes. who will succeed Lawrence PoccoliniAnd the Larusso And the Dennitsa IkonomovaThe winners of the first three seasons? Answer in the coming weeks to TF1…

Evidence for the identity of the elephant on September 13, 2022

The children are tasked with uncovering new clues about the character hidden behind the elephant. ” I think I’ve seen it on TV before. He has a beard, dark brown hair, and a wide smile. children said. At his age, novice detectives agree on his youthful appearance. ” I think he’s 26 years old Someone said.

On the real sound, he puts the children on the singer’s track. And one of his songs dates back to the summer period. ” Sounds like holiday music “, he insisted. One of the juniors emphasized the accuracy of her voice.” No, but he sings really hard “, She said.

He changed the record by translating If it is enough to love each other ” From Celine Dion And we shared a game idea: The Prince’s Outfit. ” I’ve always loved fashion, and this one in particular. “, He said.

Jury proposals: Keen’V.

Evidence for the identity of the elephant on September 6, 2022

In the locker of the keys, a bathing suit, slippers and a swimming cap appeared about the elephant. Elephant says in this new guide: “I’m back in my cool firefighter costume. I could also have picked a white bear, but I really played with it and wanted a change”.

“My head, I’ve seen it more on the small screen, but in completely different universes: the elephant in the castle, the elephant in the islands, the elephant in the office, the elephant in Portugal. I was even rewarded at Cannes. I’ve been and still have millions to follow me. Sometimes we’ve missed appointments. , but forgotten, though I remember the elephants.”.

after singing “I’m out of love” FromAnastasiathe elephant shared a dance with Vitaa “Sweet dream” From Eurythmics.

Jury proposals: Keen’V.

Evidence of the elephant’s identity on August 23, 2022

“It’s always great knowing there are millions of you out there that love what I do. I don’t touch the ground like Thomas Bisquet. It gives us another common point like how Adams is on this. Who would have thought networking would change the game. I, who is anything but a geek.” Looks like I broke records. If that’s true, that’s fine. But that’s not what drives me.”.

“I’m not here to sell you things you don’t need, or else I’d get a serious job. Me, what I love and what I’ve always loved is being with you, making you keep smiling even when things aren’t going well. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do on stage now If you like the elephant, feel free to send a like ».

Elephant’s profile appeared on a social network, similar to Instagram. Then he surrendered with a fire truck behind him.

Jury suggestions: Kenf and Amir.

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