OM-Benfica: For this Portuguese referee there was a penalty kick for Balerde

OM-Benfica: For this Portuguese referee there was a penalty kick for Balerde

In all the post-match briefings, this is a topic that was not discussed much, because the result of the match and the result favored the Olympians. But if the score had been 0-0, the action in the 66th minute, when Trupin awkwardly released the ball into his own area and shot Balerdi, would certainly have got people talking.

Duarte Gomez is clear: there was a penalty kick for Marseille

For the 51-year-old Portuguese referee. Duarte GomezThe action between Tropin and Balerdi should have been reviewed by Felix Zwier and better analyzed by VAR. In the Portuguese media A Bola, Gomez does not understand the arbitral tribunal's decision on this situation.

The German referee, who is experienced and quality, was not at his best and did not benefit from the help of the video referee (VAR) in a move as Truben, who arrived late to the ball, clearly brought down Balerdi, without the corresponding penalty kick. Being whistled for the French. UEFA instructs its referees to intervene only in absolutely clear situations, which is respectable, but we, who analyze without being bound by protocols, believe that technology should always help when it can restore the reality of the game to intervene exceptionally, in completely realistic situations. Between the two things is not permissible.

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