Numbers to remember on World Breast Cancer Day

Numbers to remember on World Breast Cancer Day

Breast cancer represents 33% of cancer cases in women. 80% of breast cancer cases develop after the age of 50, noting that the average age of diagnosis is 64 years.

From age 25 and throughout life, it is recommended to have a follow-up gynecological consultation with a doctor, gynecologist or midwife to perform a breast examination.

Between the ages of 50 and 74 you have access to organized breast cancer screening, don’t miss out!

Before your appointment, you can do a self-examination of your breasts. All you have to do is look at your breasts in front of the mirror with your arms down, then raise them and examine your armpits, feeling your breasts from top to bottom in circles and drops. Squeeze the nipples and then start lying down again.

Signs of changes that should be detected are as follows:

  • Breast shape (visible or palpable lump, difference in size)
  • Skin (orange color, thickening, feeling of heat in certain places, etc.)
  • Nipple (change in appearance, spontaneous discharge, eczema or persistent soreness)

Breast cancer is cured when detected early in 90% of cases!

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