Will the iPhone 15 Pro lose the bell key?

Will the iPhone 15 Pro lose the bell key?

Here is an interesting theory developed by @tweet On Twitter: The recent iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 renders posted by 9To5Mac will provide us with proof of the important changes that will be coming to the buttons of future Pro models. In fact, these renderings have been made from CAD files that do not include the buttons: we can therefore see the differences between iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro that betray two developments in the future Pro range.

(is reading : Here’s what the iPhone 15 Pro should look like)

(is reading : Renderings: The classic iPhone 15 with a 6.2-inch screen?)

The first item concerns the volume buttons. There is a design twist, as the iPhone 15 keeps two separate buttons while the iPhone 15 Pro switches to a design where the two buttons are unified, with two contact points for this dual button instead of four contact points on the two buttons. from iPhone 15.

Apple has already used a single volume button on some iPhone or iPod models, with a simple rocking system for clicking up or down. But on the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple could opt for a different system according to rumors: there really won’t be any more mechanical buttons! The sensation of tapping will be simulated thanks to the micro-vibration provided by the new Taptic Engines. So the buttons will be more reliable, and the closure of the iPhone will also be increased.

The second item concerns the Ring / Silent switch, which is located above the volume buttons: we can see in the renders that there are no contact points at the bottom of this location on the iPhone 15, and this is normal because the toggle switches are on the side as you can see in the image below. On the other hand, we can clearly see two contact points on the display of the iPhone 15 Pro, which is a sign that the technology will change: there should not be a switch but a simple button.

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This is just a theory developed from visualizations from a leak: so we’ll take the hypothesis with the utmost hindsight. However, the rumors were already clear: Apple wanted in advance to get rid of any mechanical aspect to gain reliability and the seal, the disappearance of the key seems quite logical. It remains to be seen how a simple button could provide a useful alternative to a switch, which lets you know if your iPhone is in ring or silent mode at a glance. Unless it’s more than a programmable button, like the action button on the Apple Watch Ultra, who else would have a whole other use?

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