Noise Voyage: A new smartwatch with mobile communications and Bluetooth, but also mobility

Noise Voyage: A new smartwatch with mobile communications and Bluetooth, but also mobility

Noise is a very popular smartwatch manufacturer, but only in India, where the company seems to have managed to sell many types of smartwatches.

With Voyage, Noise has introduced a new smartwatch that also allows connection to the mobile network and is therefore less heavily dependent on the paired smartphone. This makes it possible to make calls without a paired smartphone, although the number of contacts that can be saved is limited to 200. Headphones can be connected via Bluetooth and media playback on the headphones is also supported. Connections to the mobile network are made via eSIM and not via SIM; Indian mobile network providers Airtel and Jio are supported.

Exact specifications are not currently available, but the noise indicated the possibility of navigation on the smart watch. Weather updates and quick replies will also be supported, as will a calculator. Additionally, Noise says it can record sports activities, with more than 100 sports profiles and automatic sports recognition. It can also record heart rate, stress levels, oxygen saturation and monitor sleep quality/duration.

Battery life is claimed to be up to 30 days, although this can only be achieved in a special power-saving mode. The latter will likely only offer basic core functionality – a second dedicated SoC could be available for this purpose.

The Noise Voyage will be available from December 23 and can be booked for a small deposit. It is not yet known whether the model will also be launched in the United States or Europe.

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