Farah Ali Bey announces the release of her book “My Martian Commons”

Farah Ali Bey announces the release of her book “My Martian Commons”

Farah Ali Bey, who is often seen in the media talking about the persistent rover that landed on Mars, has announced that she will release a book. This autobiography, called My Martian Year, will be released on September 28. Farah wrote to announce the news: I can finally announce it: I wrote a book!! My Martian Year is an autobiographical account of my journey and combines it with the history of Mars exploration. It will be released on September 28th and available at Pre-order. “.

Here is the summary that can be found at the site where you can get the book: After spending 687 days searching for the red planet, Farah Alipay He shares his great discoveries. On February 18, 2021, the Perseverance rover touched down on Mars after traveling 471 million kilometers. At the same time, a young woman with crimson hair and an infectious delight appears on our screens. As the scientific prowess of the Mars 2020 mission accumulated, the entire world began to learn about this world like no other. In this book written during those frantic months, Farah reveals her conquest of space, from the quiet streets of Juliet to the futuristic installations of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Success and failure, challenges, women’s place in a traditionally patriarchal world, diversity, performance anxiety, sport, knowledge and ambition: she addresses these questions frankly and clearly. Because Mars is just one step in this rocky star’s space-engineering journey; Who knows where science and imagination will take her? An inspiration to generations of dreamers. “.

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