New Samsung TVs with HDR10 + adapt to the ambient light

New Samsung TVs with HDR10 + adapt to the ambient light

HDR10 + Adaptive is a new feature coming to High Dynamic Range level that will improve TV picture quality based on the ambient brightness of the room. Samsung announced today. HDR content is usually designed to look its best in dark rooms with minimal ambient light, but the new feature promises to use your TV’s light sensor to interact with bright environments and adjust picture quality accordingly. Samsung says the feature will launch globally with “upcoming QLED TV products”.

HDR10 + is not the first HDR standard to offer such a feature. At CES last year, Dolby announced Dolby Vision IQ, a new feature for its HDR standard that likewise promises to improve HDR content for the room in which it is viewed. The feature continued to appear on select LG and Panasonic TVs throughout the year Generally well received in the reviews.

Samsung notes that HDR10 + Adaptive will work with Film Maker mode, a Presentation setup was launched last year Which stops post-processing effects such as smoothing motion to make the content appear as accurately as possible.

Compared to Dolby Vision, the HDR10 + standard is not widely supported by TV and streaming service manufacturers. However, it is backed by Samsung, the world’s largest TV manufacturer, and Amazon through its Amazon Prime video streaming service. It is no coincidence that these two companies declared the standard More than three years ago. Meanwhile, Dolby Vision is supported in TVs from manufacturers like LG and Sony, and content that supports the standard can be found in streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus.

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Samsung says its upcoming QLED TVs will support HDR10 + Adaptive, but it’s unclear if its existing TVs will be updated with the new feature.

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