Tanta Alma is the right place for her

Tanta Alma is the right place for her
O Vitória came out on top and Akapo scored as Länk FC Vilaverdense won 4-1 to secure victory in the Taça de Portugal final

Don’t repeat your passage, but you may be tempted. Late on Saturday, November 25, Vitória Sport Clube welcomed Länk FC Vilaverdense and secured passage to near elimination from the Taça de Portugal with an indisputable 4-1 victory. The lyrics by Tomás Ribeiro, Andre Silva, Miguel Maga and Thiago Silva created a song that was very expressive. As the last Afonso Henriques stadium was like this, the 6-1 score recorded in the Taca de Portugal in 2012/2013, this was my opponent, never again, but for the moment.

The trio may come to a certain extent but in this way it is a simulation of Jota’s journey which does not last long when it comes to playing minutes. Or if you remember what Joao Mendes is doing, for the region, you don’t have to worry about that for a minute or two. O Länk FC Vilaverdense are bringing happiness, but to their first friends from the opposition, the invaders responded with determination, a lot of hope… and purpose.

The first time I was born with a song converted by Dani Silva. A loose ball in the area created a chance for Tomas Ribeiro, who, if hesitant, responded to the opponents’ fondo. It lasted for 36 minutes of play. And I do not think that what I say to you is often true, but because our Vitorians were willing to expect: Thomas Handel, with his submission, was very strong in the second blow, but Ruggiero helped to impede the force of the blow. And yes, when the game starts, it takes place in the in-between period which turns out to be a party. Andre Silva, isolated in a small area, two or more scheduled to be controlled remotely by Joao Mendes: Paleza. Estava Vieto o 2-0.

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During a period of lack of relaxation or the pupils of Alvaro Pacheco, who entered the second stage of the match with me at the same time to decide his elimination, and he did not have to do so three times. There is pain energy and more. After 48 minutes, Ricardo Mangas’ team worked, leading to the final victory, and Miguel Maga, who took charge of finishing the match, two scores: 3-0. Joao Mendes insisted on putting up an ostentatious logo afterwards, but his team-mate decided to leave the area without participating.

When I could not respond, Länk FC Vilaverdense came to buy the ball and Gonçalo Teixeira Ultrapassou, successfully, defended vitoriana para o golo de honra. We do not have enough faith to change the rumors of these actions, and the invaders continue to respond to their hostile actions. At the beginning of the last minutes of play, Rogerio did not forget to return to Miguel Maga and did not reload. Thiago Silva, who jumped on the bank of the Sobrante, did not retreat into the competition, and he did not lose or until last night determine the result. : 4-1.

It is necessary to beat LGC Moncarapachense in the third elimination of the Taça de Portugal, Vitória SC gole or Länk FC Vilaverdense in the fourth elimination to participate in the Taça de Portugal. With Cruzeiro’s speed, the Conquistadors will ensure they are in contention for the final victory in the race.

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