Google has launched Android TV 13, and here’s everything new in the update

Google has announced the arrival of Android 13 on the Android TV OS. This update includes additional performance and accessibility improvements that will help developers of TV apps.

Google has just started rolling out the new Android 13 update for Android TV. The latest release includes new APIs to help developers deliverHigh quality experiences for users on all devices through their attractive apps.

So Android TV 13 does not focus on changes at the user interface level. This new version is available for ADT-3 as well as an Android TV emulator. Developers will also have the option to test on the regular Google TV or Android TV interface as needed. So developers will be able to easily create new apps to provide the best possible TV experience.

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What’s new in Android TV 13?

Thanks to this update, it will now be possible Change definition and default refresh rate on supported HDMI devices“,” For a more reliable reading experience According to Google.

There is also a change in the audio aspect, as applications will now be able to Choose the optimal audio format without having to start playback first. Finally, this can be seen Different keyboard layouts will be better supported It will allow game developers to reference keys based on their physical location.

It is not known exactly when the update will arrive on all devices such as Nvidia Shields or Chromecasts, since not all newer Chromecast devices come with Google TV. An update to Android 12 just a little earlier this year. So it may take a few weeks for the update to reach all compatible devices. him too It is difficult to say which TVs will be updated to Android 13TVs released in 2022 are likely to be compatible. We’ll have to wait for each manufacturer’s announcements to be sure.

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