Here are the 6 best places to eat Portuguese chicken in Montreal

Here are the 6 best places to eat Portuguese chicken in Montreal

Montreal It cherishes its Portuguese chicken, which is more than just a dish, but a culinary institution that has tantalized local taste buds for generations. Whether you are a fan Portuguese chicken Or if you simply want to discover these culinary traditions, these Montreal addresses are ready to take you on a journey through the authentic flavors of Portugal.

Since September 2016, Campo has been delighting Montrealers with its products Delicious and healthy Portuguese chickenIn addition to a distinguished fast food menu. The fourth establishment of the Ferreira Group has proven itself to be a real success. At Campo, the focus is on excellence, with 100% natural Portuguese chicken, raised without hormones and grain-fed, helping to make the chicken irresistible!

Address: 1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West.

Opened in 2013 at the intersection of Rachel and Poule, Ma Poule Mouillée has become a Portuguese classic on the Mont-Royal plateau. At Ma Poule Mouillée, we don’t stay for hours, but we come there Delicious bite to go. The menu offers a variety of chicken, pork and chorizo ​​sandwiches, as well as the famous and excellent São Jorge cheese, topped with grilled chicken and chorizo, not forgetting the grilled meats, including chicken, squid, octopus, sardines and cod.

Address: 969 Rachel Street Foundation.

Coco Rico has been open since 1970 and is one of the first Portuguese BBQ joints in Montreal! This family business is famous Juicy barbecue chicken And exceptional potatoes cooked in chicken fat. In addition, they offer a variety of grilled meats, including rabbit, turkey, pork, lamb, and ribs. Coco Rico, a small, modest take-out establishment, has about 10 seats at the counter.

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Address: 3907 Boulevard Saint Laurent.

This Portuguese counter offers fast and accurate service A variety of Portuguese specialties. Romados are a great choice for a quick lunch or to please your family during dinner. Portuguese chicken romados are suitable for all occasions, even the most casual. The portions are generous and delicious and evoke the typical flavors of Portuguese cuisine. Don’t miss tasting the delicious nata on your next visit.

Address: 115 Rachel Street Foundation.

Open since August 2018, Cantine Emilia is a small gourmet restaurant located in Villeray, serving delicious Portuguese cuisine. On the menu, the restaurant does not ignore the famous Portuguese chicken. It is tender, juicy and Perfectly grilledAnd we can’t recommend it enough for you to enjoy it with hot sauce.

Address: 7901 St. Dominic Street.

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