NASA managed to produce 122 grams of oxygen on Mars

NASA managed to produce 122 grams of oxygen on Mars

Carried to Mars by the Perseverance robot with the aim of producing oxygen on the Red Planet, MOXIE ends its mission after two years, exceeding NASA’s expectations.

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The small microwave-sized device began its experiment in 2021 with the aim of testing whether it is possible to produce oxygen on Mars.

After 16 productions, the device was able to produce 122 grams, which is the approximate amount a small dog would breathe in over 10 hours, according to NASA.

And he was able to produce this amount by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

“MOXIE’s impressive performance demonstrates that it is possible to extract oxygen from the Martian atmosphere,” Pam Milroy, NASA administrator and former astronaut, said in a statement. Developing such technologies is essential to ensuring a long-term presence on the Moon and supporting the first exploration mission to Mars.

This was the first device sent by NASA dedicated entirely to preparing for a potential human exploration mission.

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