Microsoft will integrate ads on ChatGPT

Microsoft will integrate ads on ChatGPT

Microsoft It is said to be in discussions with ad agencies about how to include ads in an improved Bing, particularly in relation to a generative AI-powered chatbot. The company is already testing ads there including the inclusion of traditional search ads.

Discussions with advertising agencies are still in their infancy. Only a few users have access to the chatbot, and there are millions more in the queue. Microsoft expects that the chatbot’s more conversational style of presenting information will attract more users, and thus advertisers. Ads in chatbots can also be displayed more prominently than traditional search ads. One place you might see ads is in the links the chatbot uses for quotes in its replies.

Not surprisingly, the ads are likely making their way to the Bing chatbot and Google Bard. AI-powered chatbots have the potential to reshape the way people find information. Given the current importance of search revenue, companies have no choice but to monetize chatbots.

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