PSG, “Luxury Department Store”

PSG, “Luxury Department Store”

A former Bayern Munich and Manschaft figure, Philipp Lahm is not kind to PSG. A club that disappoints year after year, according to him.

In his regular column published by the German magazine Die Zeit and broadcast by various European media – including L’Equipe – Philipp Lahm, the former glory of German football who is now director of the upcoming European Championship, reviews the new failure of PSG in C1. And the conclusion of the Munich legend is harsh: There is no surprise, because the early elimination of PSG from the Champions League is a frequent occurrence. […] The Paris club has a fundamental problem. The team plays without inspiration and presents an incomplete squad. »

During the demonstration, the 2014 world champion did not spare Marco Verratti who “ He assumed his strength and did not understand the role of the defensive midfielder who gives stability to his team. And to expressly recommend an exceptional talent like Kylian Mbappé to change the air: “ Paris Saint-Germain is not a teamnotice. The case of Kylian Mbappe is a story in itself. He undoubtedly has the qualities of a world-class player, and he dominates the national championship. But his talent does not integrate with the rest of the team. In Munich, he only waited for the ball to reach his feet. I can’t imagine how Mbappe’s career could take on another dimension in Paris. »

“unsuccessful experiment”

Philip L insists in the record means that absolutely do not do everything. ” This exorbitantly priced team is like a luxury department store, showcasing prized pieces that everyone admires, but no one can afford. Attracts attention, but only works economically. If you are spending a lot of money but the quality is not there, it is not a good sign. From a political point of view, PSG’s investment may have paid off. The popularity of soccer makes it a repurposed tool. Qatar, which owns the club, exploited Paris, Europe and the players for its security policy and geopolitical ambitions. This is how the world goes. Qatar is now interested in Manchester United. He has the means. But football is something else. The great teams that people get to know grow through the process. This can only succeed through cooperation and solidarity. These are the values ​​of Europe, but they are not the values ​​of PSG. This is why this club is still an incomplete experience. »

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