OCCITANIA ARS enhances its action against the tiger mosquito

OCCITANIA ARS enhances its action against the tiger mosquito

Since the beginning of the month, the Occitani Regional Health Agency has intensified its control of tiger mosquitoes in the region.

Summer is the favorite enemy of tourists and those who love to enjoy the outdoors. As good weather approaches, tiger mosquitoes return to settle near the population and take over. Since the first of the month, ARS Occitanie has classified tiger mosquito control as a “public health priority”. The fight against this “crazy slayer” will last until November 30th.

“They are capable of transmitting a large number of tropical diseases that can be dangerous to humans.”Didier Jaffrey, General Director of the Association for Reconstruction and Development explains. Present in the 13 provinces, 44% of municipalities are affected by the presence of this urban mosquito, which also gradually takes up residence in the mountains.

In the context of a report by a health professional to the ARS of a disease case (chikungunya, dengue, zika), two possibilities exist: a telephone survey to check the places where the concerned person passes or a field survey to check for the presence of the lesion around the house or places of passage of the informed person. If necessary, targeted mosquito control is organized. In 2022, 56 imported (travelled) cases and five original outbreaks of dengue were identified.

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