Clark Influence offers a Double Vie . wine collection

Clark Influence offers a Double Vie . wine collection

Arista authorized Clark effect To create an impact campaign regarding the new bottling of Double Vie Rose winesMD / ®. The goal was to introduce the new packaging and generate sales for the summer 2022 season.

Dominique Burberrymarketing manager Aristaemphasizes the innovative aspect of packaging, which is unique in food: “Unlike traditional domes, it limits overfilling, as there is no cardboard, and the aluminum lining allows wine to cool more quickly than glass vessels. It is a practical, unbreakable container that is easy to carry during the summer season.”

Clark effect So they devised a two-stage strategy. From creating professional content to scheduling sponsored ads followed by sending packages to influencers whose audience and interests perfectly align with the brand’s personality.

Amplified launch on the podium dead
Clark effect
Conducted a photo session in collaboration with Tango photography studio. Each photo had to highlight a consumption occasion linked to the DNA of Double Vie.MD / ®and design of packages and summer season. The events mentioned are a picnic and tanning session, as well as a day at the beach. Thanks to the amount invested in media amplification, more than 513,789 people viewed the ads, for a total of 1,315,458 impressions.

parcel delivery
It is often said that experiencing it means adopting it. for this reason, Clark effect He sent gift baskets filled with summer essentials, in package colors, to various influencers in Quebec with between 2,800 and 120,000 subscribers. 85% of these posted product related stories on their Instagram account. The total number of story frames uploaded is 55. Clark effect He is estimated to have garnered 81,350 impressions.

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client: double lifeMD / ® – Arista, a division of A. Lassonde inc.
Julian DuboisMarketing Coordinator
Caroline BombardierMarketing project manager
Dominique Burberrymarketing manager
Agency : Clark effect
Arthur Brainackcreative strategist,
Sarah Gervais HollyArt Director
Catherine BennettUser account management
Frederic BolinProject manager
Maxim Darfoproject coordinator
Partner: Tango Photography

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