The DC CCXP booth has Shazam, Superman, The Flash, Black Adam, and more

Warner Brothers booth. Discovery at CCXP showcases plenty of DC props, posters, and interactive experiences featuring some of their upcoming movies, such as Shazam! : Wrath of the GodsAnd the Aquaman and the Lost KingdomAnd the Sparkle. The DCEU is currently being restructured by the newly appointed co-directors of DC Studios, James Gunn And the Saffron stone, so the company was expected to carry some major superheroes. However, there is still a lot to enjoy from the films due for release next year.

for Shazam! : Wrath of the GodsDC created a replica of the Rock of Eternity, the place where the power of ancient gods and heroes came from. There is also what appears to be interactive Sparkle Giant hamster wheel experience. Sure, there are huge posters for the three major DC movies that will be released next, but sadly, there is no mention of them blue beetle. After the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery, the company decided to drop several DC projects in favor of a unified universe. Gunn and Safran have been working on a 10-year plan that includes a coherent story across films, TV, animation, and even games, and Blue Beetle is one of the last projects to survive the Warner Bros. purge. Discovery. This means that the film’s absence from CCXP makes us a little concerned about the potential delay of the film.

Explore the world of DC Comics’ greatest heroes

Because fans love to test their knowledge, Warner Bros. The discovery also set the stage for something they call the “Fight of the Fans” or “Batalha dos Fez” in Portuguese. CCXP is taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it seems the company hopes that fans will interact with each other to test their knowledge of their favorite franchises. However, the “Battle of Fans” competition doesn’t appear to be exclusive to DC, as the company brings several IPs to CCXP.

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What is Warner Bros.? Did Discovery bring anything else to CCXP?

With DC’s future uncertain, Warner Bros. Discovery still has a few popular IPs to milk on CCXP. This is why the company has created a Harry Potter A shop full of things for fans to buy, from Hogwarts scarves to magic wands. The store is beautiful and definitely one of the most visited places in CCXP.

Warner Bros. Bring discovery also literally Dragon house, a rectangular structure from which a medieval creature watches the participants through a dark doorway. We didn’t get to peek inside, but the House of Dragon will likely feature some kind of store or interactive experience for fans of the beloved series based on the series. George RR Martinbooks. Finally, there is also a post-apocalyptic build taken from the world The last of usThe beloved PlayStation game that will become an HBO Max series next year.

It will be the next DC movie to hit theaters Shazam! Wrath of the GodsAnd the On March 17, 2023. Take a look at the latest trailer for the movie below.

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