Medal of Bravery: Honored by Charles III for defending his twin from a crocodile

Medal of Bravery: Honored by Charles III for defending his twin from a crocodile

A thirty-year-old girl from the United Kingdom who did not hesitate to risk her life to save her twin sister from a violent crocodile attack, was honored by King Charles III with the Medal of Bravery.

“This is an honour. I was very surprised when I got the letter because I didn't see it coming, I didn't expect it. I feel really proud, it's a positive touch coming from a terrible ordeal. It kind of lightens the experience,” Georgia Lowry, 31, told The Independent on Tuesday. “It's all painful.”

In an interview with British media, the woman from Sandhurst, England, said she was astonished when she realized that she would be honored by King Charles III himself, along with eight other heroes, because she saved her sister from a crocodile in June 2021.

On that day, the twins were swimming in a lake in the Mexican state of Oaxaca when they allegedly spotted the crocodile. However, by trying to swim to the bank to safety, the crocodile was able to grab his sister Melissa and drag her into the water.

She said at the time that Georgia Lawrie would have taken action to extricate her lifeless sister from her predicament, before returning her to shore.

But the crocodile did not say the last word and returned three times to the sisters while they were trying to revive them. Ms Lowry then allegedly hit the crocodile on the nose to scare it off, which in turn resulted in a large bite on his wrist.

For her part, Melissa suffered a compound fracture in her wrist, severe cuts to her abdomen and multiple injuries to her leg and foot, when she was taken to the hospital, where she was reportedly in a coma, before contracting a serious infection.

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Despite this, the twins survived the attack.

“I have to participate [les honneurs] With my sister, because, let's face it, I wouldn't have run if she hadn't been alive. What made this story so amazing was Melissa's unwavering courage throughout. It was very strong […] “It really gave me the strength to keep fighting,” Georgia Lowry told The Independent.

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