The new COVID-19 strain is spreading worldwide: cases in Canada, Japan and the European Union

The new COVID-19 strain is spreading worldwide: cases in Canada, Japan and the European Union

Cases a A new variant of COVID-19 The detection was first confirmed in England by health officials in Canada, Japan and several European Union countries on Saturday.

why does it matter: While there is no evidence that the variant is more lethal than the original British breed Prime Minister Boris Johnson The announcement of its 70% potential for transmission has pushed dozens of countries To ban travel From the United Kingdom.

  • The strain, called B.1.1.7, stimulated the spike in cases that saw Tens of millions Of people in England and Wales are closed during holidays.
  • Some officials worry that it may have been spreading unnoticed across the world, as few countries have this type. Evolving genome monitoring That enabled British scientists to find the variable, for each The New York Times.

what happens: The Canadian Public Health Agency confirmed the first two North American cases of the new coronavirus strain on Saturday evening, in the province of Ontario.

Officials in Japan It said on Saturday that the country will close its borders to all non-resident foreign nationals from midnight Monday until January 31 after that Seven people have tested positive For the variable, NHK Radio reports.

In Spain, On Saturday, the regional government in Madrid announced that four people have been infected with the strain B.1.1.7, According to the island.

Swedish Public Health Agency He said on Saturday that the strain had been discovered in a recent traveler returning from the UK, Reuters Notes.

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French Ministry of Health Confirmed the country’s first B.1.1.7 case late Friday, Per AFP.

to sign up: Coronavirus vaccines have started To be put up Next to North AmaricaAnd the Europe Union And nations around the world.

  • European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Saturday tweet“Vaccination is the permanent way out of the epidemic.”
  • over there No evidence The B.1.1.7 strain can affect the effectiveness of these vaccines.

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