Left ventricular failure can be detected by the Apple Watch ECG

Left ventricular failure can be detected by the Apple Watch ECG

The electrocardiogram on the Apple Watch is able to alert a patient of left ventricular failure (or .). heart pump failure), with the help of algorithm advanced by Mayo Clinic. This is despite the unique derivation of the ECG sensor in the watch.

No need to take a full EKG in the clinic, which includes twelve leads and is more complex to perform than an Apple Watch – all you have to do is place your finger on the digital crown for 30 seconds and prosperity.

Basically, the Apple Watch ECG can detect a file atrial fibrillationWhile the heart rate monitor constantly measures the pulse. In the event of an arrhythmia (irregular rhythm, too fast or too slow), the Apple Watch sends a notification to the wearer. The manufacturer will be able to add this left ventricular failure alert to its arsenal, if, by chance, it incorporates the algorithm developed by the famous American network of clinics.

This deficiency affects 2 to 3% of the world’s population, and reaches 9% among people aged 60 or older. It’s starting to make a lot of people, especially since a miscarriage is not necessarily symptomatic (however the condition can be associated with difficulty breathing, swollen legs, or even a rapid heart rate).

As soon as the doctor knows that the patient has this disease, he can act accordingly: there are treatments. I Still Need to Know… A diagnosis of left ventricular failure is obtained using an echocardiogram, scanner or MRI. This is where the Apple Watch comes in, as it is very easy to do an ECG. To design this algorithm, the researchers modified the algorithm used with twelve ECG leads.

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Artificial intelligence had to be used to adapt this technology to a single wave EKG. To check and improve the results, a study was organized with 2,454 participants from 11 countries, owners of iPhones, the Mayo Clinic app, and Apple Watch Series 4 or later, who submitted more than 125,000 electrocardiograms over a six-month period.

According to preliminary data, the algorithm performs as well or slightly better than the traditional test. ” AI analysis of hourly ECG is a powerful test for determining left ventricular failure Dr. Isaac Zachi Attia, MD, director of artificial intelligence in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

This test shows, however, that the Apple Watch’s EKG, although limited in its unique derivation, can provide useful medical information. Sufficient to enhance the “clinical use on the wrist” of the watch.

Interview: Cardiologists confront the Apple Watch's EKG

Interview: Cardiologists confront the Apple Watch’s EKG

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