Lecture: Painter Osmond K. Myers presents at the tourist office

Lecture: Painter Osmond K.  Myers presents at the tourist office

From August 29 to September 8, at the Salle de l’Orangerie, in the Gascogne Lomagne Tourist Office, Osmond K. Mairs will exhibit his photographic work. Irish painter Osmond Kellogg-Myers loves Lectoure, where he actually exhibited his work in July 2002. The artist has worked all his life as a business manager in high-end stationery. He sold business and greeting cards, interior decoration and office equipment to the mighty of this world to which he traveled. He has exhibited his paintings in many places on the planet, UK, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Canada, etc.

He met his English friend of Portuguese descent, Carlos Pinheiro, at the School of Fine Arts in London, and they worked in the company they created for 25 years, before they decided to retire in Castelno de Arbio, by buying the house “Mathilde” (which is also the first name of Osmond Myers’ mother ). After the death of Carlos Pinheiro from cancer in July 2000, Osmond Myers donated a painting to Och Hospital to thank the health institution for the care given to his friend and then established the Pinheiro and Myers Foundation, which aims to provide psychological support. Helping people with cancer in France and Great Britain.

Osmond Myers began drawing at an early age, inspired by scenes he had while traveling with his parents and always drawing his own Christmas cards and greetings. Finally, he hesitated between theater and painting… Then he finally turned to collages because he was greatly influenced by the surrealist and abstract movement: “What the eye sees can be transformed by using variations of shades and color tones in certain forms.” without losing the identity of the original.”

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The grandson of the inventor of the breakfast cereal, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, remains an active artist and is excited to present his new work at Lectoure.

The exhibition “Lectouroise” coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of his meeting and relationship with Marc Chagall. It is also important to note that one of the paintings is titled Conversations with Chagall, which shows how close these two painters were. “I hope we can appreciate the transmission of our ideas during this exhibition,” says the artist.

Contact: 05 62 64 00 00.

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