Kidnapping: Rescued after giving “stickers” to a customer at a gas station

Kidnapping: Rescued after giving “stickers” to a customer at a gas station

A young woman, kidnapped by a man claiming to be an Uber driver, managed to get out of this bad situation by giving a note asking for help to another woman at a gas station in Arizona.

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On Monday morning, the identified young woman was trapped as she left a car dealership in the Phoenix area, Arizona, in the United States, Global News reports. She was in the grip of her kidnapper for more than 24 hours before she got help from a stranger.

Jacob Wilhoit, a 41-year-old man who actually knew the victim, is the prime suspect in this story, according to an official report from the Arizona Police. In order not to be identified, he wore a wig to hide his identity.

However, when stopping at the gas station the next day, at the end of the afternoon, the young woman seized the opportunity to get help.

The victim allegedly wrote the word “help” in English (“Aidez-moi” in French) and the words “call 911” on a sticky note. She would also add a brief description of the vehicle in which they were hijacked, as well as their destination: Kingman, Arizona, then Las Vegas, Nevada, before skilfully slipping into the agent’s hands.

When the young woman and her kidnapper exited the gas station, the stranger would call the authorities and specify the information the young woman had requested as well as the physical description of the two people.

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Police eventually find Jacob Wilhoit’s truck on the highway.

The man was arrested on charges of harassment, aggravated assault, forced confinement and kidnapping. A number of firearms were also found in the suspect’s car.

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