It’s the brain that creates the high, not the caffeine

It’s the brain that creates the high, not the caffeine

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friend or foe? Portuguese scientists investigated whether coffee had such stimulating power. Their study was published in the scientific journal frontiers in behavioral neuroscience, It reveals that caffeine doesn’t do much.

80% of the French drink their coffee in the morning. Did you know that coffee and caffeine do not have the same effect on your brain? The Portuguese scientists sought to understand whether the “stimulation” mechanism of coffee was caused solely by the coffee, or whether other factors were involved. Their study has been published in the scientific journal Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience And it reveals that caffeine isn’t everything.

Decaffeinated is also effective

The researchers observed magnetic resonance imaging scans of the brains of about fifty participants on an empty stomach, and then 30 minutes after they drank coffee or caffeine diluted in water. With both drinks, the brain is somehow awakened from its rest, ready to plunge into various tasks.

But the scientists noticed that those who drank a good cup of coffee had superior visual abilities and were more alert. This stimulating aspect is not due to the caffeine, but to the brain. “The brain does some prediction. In my experience, I used to drink coffee and associate it with memories that make me feel more alert. I feel more prepared for cognitive tasks, so it prepares for what’s going to happen next,” Irene Cristofori, lecturer in neuroscience at the University of Lyon.

Because the aroma and taste of coffee’s microfibre play a role in enhancing the effect of coffee, according to the authors, decaf can be equally effective for waking up well-rounded.

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