OM Sale: Saudi Arabia has already chosen Longoria’s replacement?

OM Sale: Saudi Arabia has already chosen Longoria’s replacement?

I earned a master’s degree in international law, and at the end of my university career I realized that it was important to develop in a field that I valued. Overnight, I decided to put an end to the dream of my parents, who saw me as a future lawyer, to earn a living from my passion: sports. Since then, I’ve covered transfer windows and sporting news, trying to keep readers as informed as possible.

OM president Pablo Longoria has reached out to powerful agent Jorge Mendes to complete the arrival of Gennaro Gattuso. After Paris Saint-Germain, the Portuguese offers himself a gateway to the Marseille club. The matter may not stop there. According to Thibaut Viserian, his proximity to Saudi Arabia may allow him to be aware of the summits in Aum.

It’s not a secret, Jorge Mendez Very close to the General Staff Paris Saint-Germain, particularly Luis Campos. But the Portuguese agent also established close relations with Pablo Longoria. as shown Provence, allowed Gennaro Gattuso, one of his clients, access to the OM team. In this process, the President of Marseille is thinking outside the box, as he is the one who used to negotiate mainly with his Spanish network.

Longoria’s method with Mendes’ questions

Contacted by the regional daily newspaper, the agent wonders. “There are two options: Either he thinks that with Mendes in the middle, he can tell everyone that he’s not just dealing with his Spanish friends. At that point, it would be smart to show that he’s opening up the club’s business to everyone. Either he’s in distress, and he doesn’t really have a solution.” “He desperately needs a coach, even if it means Mendes is behind him.” This was announced Thursday.

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Mendes the next president of OM?

rise of Jorge Mendez It also caused a reaction Thibaut Viserian. According to him, the Portuguese has the shoulders to take charge pablo longoria, Especially in the case of selling theOh. He explained, however, that the chances, at the moment, are still slim. ” The truth is that Longoria is at the end of his rope, and we sense that he is at the end of his. He is, above all, a sporting director. There are even people telling me behind the scenes of football that he could become the next president of OM because he is very close to the world of the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. These are the things that come back.” Projection Viserian During live Twitch.

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