Football: Portuguese without compulsion

Football: Portuguese without compulsion

The Portuguese from Amiens scored a 5-0 hit on Hazebrouck, without completely satisfying their coach Benoît Sturbois.

Despite the score, the game was also characterized by some blunders in the decision area. This is evident from the beginning of the meeting. Bodyvin He recovers at Caucheteux’s feet but his shot at the opposite post misses (4′). Then, after merging with Tachet, he finds Idez Bodyvin Who turns well in the heart of the area, but his attempt lacks power (11′). And then on the right side the game develops with a prince who launched Da Veiga. The middle in front of the last goal is good, but stigma Failed to finish. Work continues in the area without anyone being able to take a good shooting position (15 degrees). Finally, he’s being repelled from da vega in the roof Boulavrad He follows and pushes the ball into the net with his head (1-0, 17).

The Portuguese keep pushing but Bodyvinfired by Tachet forgets his axis partners and sets aside his strike (21). In this procedure, the addition is heavy because in addition to not missing a break, Amiens loses due to injury two stars And the stigma. Hazebrouckois, themselves, tries to sting on the counter, but mostly without Gningue’s concern, like a hack from Bollier stopping at the entrance to the penalty area (29′). Finally, by insistence, it is the locals who take a break. bollavrad shaft da vega At the rear he eluded Top, the North Ranger, and ended up in the empty net (2-0, 37 degrees). The half ends with the Samarians’ last act, head-to-head with Top que Bodyvin misses (39′). In the break, the chances were many, but the Portuguese lead with only two goals, 2-0. You give the impression that you can make the defense of the guests more difficult by playing better shots.

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The Portuguese lead the point home late in the game

Once recovered, Picards is warned of an opportunity from Dewaele. But northern attempt misses. In the process, Amiens is hit back by da Vega who takes his right side and crosses to Bodyvin which stumbles twice on top (46′). Then comes a cross from Boulavrad or da Vega that the defense cut (49 ′, 53). Locals keep paying Boulavrad Who, after pressing Sylla, crushed his shot a lot, wearing the gloves of Hazebrouckois goalkeeper (54′). This same Boulavrad, fired by Ameur, is a few centimeters away from finding Da Veiga in front of the goal (58′). Boulavrad Serves Again Bodyvin Entering from the rooftop, but the latter stalls and sets aside his attempt (61′). Finally the Portuguese broke the north lock for the first time in the second half when Ediz fired da vega, not intrusion. Surprisingly, Top did not go out and let the Amiens striker fix it, eliminate it and score (3-0, 64 degrees).

Despite many chances, Camille Boydvin did not participate in the Amiens Offensive Festival

Not enough to satiate Benoît Sturbois’ men against another who could no longer even properly exit about halfway. blow dry with flat feetthe love It does not pass far from the tire (68 degrees). though, Dewell He managed to bring danger to Picard’s camp for the last time. But his position is not controlled by his hub partner (75′) very well. Amiens goes ahead, but idea After a free kick, nothing better could be found than the Top (32′) Gloves. The visitors drink the cup to the dregs when the latter is forced to go out, is injured and when Da Veiga goes into the depths, serves Sola to make the mark heavier (4-0, 86′). To end the match, Amir sends da vega in the surface who receives a penalty undertakes to convert himself (5-0, 89′).

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Medium content but main content

Despite the enormity of the result, Benoit StorboaAnd the “Perfectionist”Will be “I loved that it was better in Toy “ noting that way, was average. » However, he had to be content with doing the basics: “We’ll just say the hardest part is over, we wanted to win, we won. I’ve specified that the main thing is to take the three points, The main there. » Above all, as he remembers, the first leg was not so simple, with a 1-1 draw, ‘Great progress’.

Finally, more than content, ” The Negative evaluationis that we might lose tachit and two stars infection. » Suffice it to say that there is Two weeks Before restoring the championship will not hurt, “We will heal the wounds, we will focus the week on recovery with Amelie, our physiotherapist, not to have a friendly next weekend and hopefully to get our vital strength back for the match in bully Of a completely different caliber. » A match that can be approached, not comfortably, eighth and that can only be fatal 2 points behind, but with a reduced commitment to the outcome. Especially after losing 6-0 to Mark, Gamaches were no longer safe and the fighting ranks swelled for maintenance.

Porto Amiens – AS Cheminots Hazebrouck : 5-0 (2-0)

Goals: Boulavrad (17 points), Da Vega (37 degrees, 64 degrees, 89 degrees Celsius), Silla (86 degrees).

Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Wable, Njamen, Idez – Facquier, Ribeiro – Da Veiga, Boulavrad, Tachet – Poidevin

Ward: Bim, Sila, Sissy

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Image credit: Reynald Valleron – Gazette Sports

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