“It’s not the first time, Jose…”

“It’s not the first time, Jose…”

Salvatore Cival, attorney for Rick Karsdorp, gave a lengthy interview to Italian website Calciomercato. During the interview, he did not spare his criticism of Roma coach Jose Mourinho. Special One had accused the Dutch international of having “betrayed his colleagues” in the 1-1 draw against Sassuolo, and removed him from the team, which, according to the lawyer, created a “hostile environment” around him.

We have analyzed Mourinho’s behavior and this is not the first time he has used elements of the squad to distract from other issues. The coach can pass judgment on the players, but I will say more in the dressing room. He said.

“Mourinho is the one who offended him. It is possible that if the person who made the mistake apologizes, the player agrees to it. The problem is that there is a coach who does not apologize and does not feel the need to respect the club and the management. he added.

As for Salvatore Cival, Roma had to say that Mourinho had adopted a bad attitude and “dissociated himself from the words” of the Portuguese coach: “Everyone now knows they want to sell it and they are forced to do so under certain circumstances.”


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