Interview with Emmy Award-winning artist Mike Perry – Samsung Canada Newsroom

Interview with Emmy Award-winning artist Mike Perry – Samsung Canada Newsroom

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Creativity is at the core of everything we do. It pushes boundaries and redefines boundaries, while cultivating new ideas and bringing them to life. Creatives are demanding tools that can enhance their artistic endeavors. Tools that turn their dreams and visions into reality. Enter the ViewFinity S9.

As part of the ViewFinity S9 Story series (see Part 1 with DEVSISTERS And the The second part is with OIMU Here), Samsung Newsroom sat down with Emmy Award-winning artist Mike Perry, whose artistic explorations span a wide spectrum, from bright, colorful paintings to whimsical animation and more, to talk about how his ViewFinity S9 fits into his creative process.

Mike Perry is an Emmy Award-winning multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is known for his colorful and imaginative paintings that often encourage viewers to see the world from a new perspective. Her works often feature playful characters, fluorescent color palettes and intricate patterns, transforming everyday reality into a dreamscape that pushes the boundaries of creativity.

Q: Can you tell us more about yourself?

Oh hello. My name is Mike Perry. I am an artist based in New York. I do all kinds of crazy, fun, colorful things – paintings, drawings, animation – and work with amazing clients. I’m living the dream. It’s bright here, but not as bright as this beautiful display. Welcome to my studio!

Q: What role does your mentor play in your creative process?

Screen is essential. I use it constantly. It’s like a part of my eye that allows you to see what you’re doing. You can see how your creations come to life. And you want it to be as beautiful and precise as what exists in the real world.

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When I make a painting, I use it in the last step of the process. Mainly color correcting and taking in different elements to make sure my images are as rich and real as possible. When I work digitally, the screen is basically the same thing as the canvas. Screen is essential. It is everything.

Q: What was the first thing that caught your eye when you saw the ViewFinity S9?

The first thing I immediately noticed about the ViewFinity S9 is the color itself. She’s unbelievable. I’m a little obsessed with fluorescent colors. I can’t stop using it. Color is an important part of my being. Look at how rich, bright and dazzling the colors are on this beautiful display. It was amazing to run and – poof! – To see him shine.

I was also impressed with how easy it was to set up and use. The nice thing about painting and being an illustrator is that I’m not always in front of the computer, so right out of the box it was easy to get up and running. And it works.

Q: What is Pantone Validated™ display?[1] For creative people?

I love Pantone colors. It’s really cool to see how accurate the Pantone samples are for the monitor. I mean, Pantone’s book is definitely like a color bible. It is necessary. But you’re still dealing with the reality of what’s on screen versus what you’re going to print. You always have to have confidence in what will fit together, because going from digital to print is a puzzle. So, It’s really nice to know that what I’m looking at is the same color as the swatches. It’s unbelievable.

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Q: Speaking of color accuracy, have you tried the smart calibration feature? What do you think?

I like the smart calibration feature[2]. It is very easy to use and the application is very simple. You want things to be represented in their truest form so you know that what you create will translate across multiple platforms and media. I like being able to make sure the colors are represented the way I want. This is a truly incredible guarantee.

Q: What other characteristics help you realize your artistic vision?

One problem digital artists face is working in widescreen instead of 16:9. On regular monitors, you can only see a small portion of 16:9, so it’s quite annoying. So being able to flip the screen and see the image the way it was supposed to be is simply amazing!

The matte screen was great. The sun comes in the morning and shines through the windows, it’s my favorite part of the day, but it appears right on my screen. It was nice that the sun didn’t disrupt my process and that I didn’t have to step away from my computer while the sun was shining. I also have The Frame TV at home, so I’m pretty used to the matte screen at this point.

Q: What else can you tell us about your ViewFinity S9 display?

Finally, the camera is great. The corner is really nice and I love this security guard. If I want to talk to someone, I can go right there, and if I don’t, I’m free. Nobody looks at me.

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Q: Would you recommend the ViewFinity S9 to other designers?

I find it very important to have a nice screen. Something with a lot of precision, something that will give me the best I can get and need for my projects. I’ll just tell you about the ViewFinity S9 that the color is great.


[1] The ViewFinity S9 reproduces more than 2,000 colors authentically, as described in the PANTONE guide. Pantone Validated uses the globally recognized Pantone Matching System (PMS) digital library and objectively tests more than 2,000 Pantone colors.
[2] Smart Calibration allows users to easily customize the ViewFinity S9 display to make precise adjustments, including color temperature, brightness, color space and gamma adjustments, using their smartphone, without the need for complex and expensive calibration equipment. Available on Galaxy S10 or later, Galaxy Note10 or later, Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, and select iOS devices. Requires the latest version of the SmartThings app.

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