“I used to see Gonzalo Ramos at Real Madrid”

Joao Nuno Fonseca, who coached him at Benfica, sees the young Portuguese striker as the perfect complement to Benzema.

Gonzalo Ramos, 21, became the latest Qatari player to appear at the World Cup finals after scoring a hat-trick for Portugal against Switzerland in the round of 16. The Benfica striker burst onto the world football scene, so much so that his name has already begun to be associated with Real Madrid.

It’s Joao Nuno Fonseca, who coached Goncalo Ramos in Benfica’s youth team, who claims that. During an interview with Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzo, the Portuguese said: “I will see Ramos at Real Madrid. For me, he is the perfect complement to Benzema and he will take over in the future.”

The Portuguese coach, Goncalo Ramos, described him as a striker who “is not afraid, and plays like a veteran in big matches. He lives big matches, but he faces them calmly. What distinguishes him from others is his impressive emotional balance,” says Fonseca.

The Portuguese technician continues, “He has become a modern nine, but he is a player who tactically brings a lot of options to the coach, because he was born as an attacking midfielder,” adding that he has “a great ability to predict and anticipate what the defender will do, especially in important matches, where the defenders study the attackers.” And they adapt to their game: Goncalo manages to take time and space by understanding from the first moment what a defender will do. He also has great technique.”

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Joao Nuno Fonseca also explained that the main match in Gonzalo Ramos’ career took place on March 3, 2020, during a confrontation between Benfica and Liverpool in the Youth League. “We were playing at home against Liverpool and we won 4-1. Goncalo controlled that match as he did against Switzerland. That day I realized it was a winner,” said the Portuguese.

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