In Toulouse, Archipel Citoyen critiques the shadow houses of the Alsace-Lorraine street

In Toulouse, Archipel Citoyen critiques the shadow houses of the Alsace-Lorraine street

The installation of shade sails on a street in Alsace-Lorraine has drawn criticism from the archipelago of Citoyenne. According to the political party, its effectiveness in bringing freshness has not been shown. Moreover, it is a non-French company. The mayor of Toulouse answers them.

Walking through the city center in recent days, you have undoubtedly seen the change in the street of Alsace-Lorraine. A large garland made of golden ribbons is installed along the shopping street.

A device that sparked a small controversy on the social network Twitter. The Citoyenne Archipelago, the opposition party, hastened to denounce on the one hand, Portuguese origin of ImpactPlan responsible for the installation. This while a banner proclaims that “This site contributes to the local economy”. On the other hand, A technical device “not designed for shade or cold.”

“air distribution”

What Jean-Luc Modenc denies. “The goal is to circulate more air. This technology is recommended to us for that. I remind you that everything we do is first response and that at the end of this summer we will evaluate the idea of ​​strengthening all our ‘City Cooling’ systems from the summer of 2024.

When asked about the refreshing potential of this hoop, Portuguese company He has not responded yet.

Regarding the award of the contract to a foreign company, the mayor of Toulouse explained that the contracts were awarded to different companies, “after consultation”. A year ago, I suggested looking for experiences in the Iberian Peninsula. He noted that Spain and Portugal, due to the high temperatures, are accustomed to having this type of device. This company was not chosen by us alone: ​​we are committed to following the opinion of the architect of the buildings of France. This installation, which will be deployed for four days, costs 20,000 euros.

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