How to find a lost or stolen smartphone

How to find a lost or stolen smartphone

If a smartphone is lost or stolen, there are often simple ways to find it or, at worst, delete the data. Companies often equip your smartphone with various means of location.

If you lose your smartphone, the first question you must answer is: What is your phone’s operating system? Depending on your answer to this question, the method will be slightly different.

For Android phone

For an Android smartphone, it will be very easy for you to find it as long as you have connected your Google account to it.

You will need prior authorization of the location of your device. It’s usually enabled by default, but it’s best to check if you’re unsure. To do this, go to your device settings. In this menu, you will find the section related to your Google account.

In these Google settings, you will find the Find My Device section. Open it, and check if location is enabled.

If you lose your device while tracking is running, it couldn’t be easier. Just go to the site Find my device ( And you will have direct access to a map showing the location of your device.

If you have multiple devices connected to your Google account, remember to check that it is indeed your lost smartphone, otherwise you can easily change it at the top left of the page.

On this same site, you have three options: connect to your device, secure it, and allow you to temporarily lock all your data, or even delete your data, in case your device has already been stolen and you won’t be able to recover it.

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Note that even if translation is deactivated, you still have the ability to delete your data or lock the device.

For iOS phone

In the same way as Android, translation must be activated. To be sure, go to Settings. Tap on your own name, and tap on “Find My iPhone.”

If translation is activated, the procedure remains almost the same, but this time go to the site You will need to identify yourself, and you will have access to a map that will allow you to locate your smartphone. Remember to select the device you are looking for.

As with Android, iOS will allow you to ring your smartphone, lock it, or erase its contents.

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