SRMG launches Al Sharq Documentary Channel, a channel that offers a unique offering of high quality documentaries

SRMG launches Al Sharq Documentary Channel, a channel that offers a unique offering of high quality documentaries

RIYADH: During a training session for the Saudi national under-16 rugby team, Ali Dajani, President of the Rugby Union Football from the Kingdom, and pointed to the increasing popularity of this sport in the Kingdom.

To be honest, I can’t wait to see Rugby has become one of the most popular sports in the Kingdomexplained during Maiman show. He added that rugby, as a team sport, is growing rapidly around the world, including among women.

The plans of the Saudi Rugby Federation, which was established in 2019, are in line with these trends. The federation seeks to target women and inspire the next generation of young players, to develop rugby sevens (the Olympic version of the sport) and to maintain a male presence in the game of higher level rugby.

According to Dajani, the federation also aims to provide consistency between players, highlight its organized and organized nature, and elevate the game to a higher level compared to other international teams.

“I think many countries are thinking about that Saudi Arabia is a pioneer in many fields within the region And they consider it as a kind of reference for us. I think this is an overview. He continued, “Today the whole world is watching the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and as a federation we want to make sure that the world sees the best of Saudi Arabia.”

Dajani’s optimism about rugby, which he calls “the dark horse of the kingdom,” stems from the changing sports landscape in Saudi Arabia. “I think sports are going in the right direction,” he said, adding, “Saudis are especially good at sports.”

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Mr. Dajani announced that the Saudi national rugby team is about to start an exciting season. During its short history, it participated in only five tournaments. The Saudis are preparing for the next two local championships in Al-Ahsa and Taif, in addition to the Saudi Games.

The team will participate for the second time in the Dubai Sevens Championship, scheduled for the beginning of next December. In February 2024, the Saudi national team will participate in the Arab Sevens Championship.

The president of the federation is a fan of sports, as he practiced various disciplines during his youth. This experience had a positive effect on his rugby performance. “I had great tackling, stamina, and pace. It helped me a lot and sometimes I was really fast. I was faster than I thought,” he said. Mr. Dajani said his experience also helped him develop his skills in strategy, teamwork and leadership.

Aside from his rugby commitments, Mr. Dajani said he enjoys studying and discovering new things. With a degree in kinesiology, the study of human movement, as well as a recent certification in data analysis and sports management, he uses his knowledge to grow the federation and educate others about the health benefits of sports.

“I encourage everyone to try this sport. There are, I think, more than 90 federations at the moment and they are all doing their best to connect with young people and recruit them, so take it easy and go to these federations yourself.

Dajani stressed the importance of discipline: “If you want to be good at your sport, it is difficult to achieve that without discipline, dedication and endurance, even if you are as talented as the most talented person in the world.

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This perspective also shapes the view of the union president on his role. “The decisions I can make today will have a huge impact on the youth of tomorrow,” he said.

Perhaps this is why Spider-Man is one of his favorite movies, because it taught him that great power comes with great responsibility.

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