Legendary Brazilian surfer Marcio Freire kills himself in a wave in Nazareth

Legendary Brazilian surfer Marcio Freire kills himself in a wave in Nazareth

Legendary Brazilian surfer Marcio Freire passed away on Thursday NizariIn the middle of Portugal, I became the first victim of this spot, which is famous for its huge waves.
The National Maritime Authority said in a statement that a 47-year-old Brazilian man died this afternoon after falling while surfing in Praia do Norte. Rescuers found that the victim was in cardiac and respiratory arrest, and immediately began resuscitation maneuvers on the sand (…). After several attempts, it was not possible to reverse the situation. »

According to local sources, AFP conducted an interview with the victim Marcio Freire, an XXL surfing veteran who has lived for twenty years on the American archipelago of Hawaii, the mecca of international surfing. According to these sources, Thursday, sea conditions were not particularly dangerous.

Many professionals from around the world, who were also present in Nazareth on Thursday, paid tribute to Freire. “Today we lost one of our own,” senior surfing expert Nick Von Robe wrote on Instagram. “I always had a lot of respect for Marcio. (…) Today I saw him surfing all day in Nazareth with a big smile. With that huge smile I will remember him.

Also on Instagram and from Nazaré, surfer Thiago Jacari, a native of Freire, paid tribute to his friend who, according to him, was “more than an idol” and “a true hero”. A controversial surfing technique is to allow the practitioner to reach particularly large waves, which surfers cannot normally approach by hand paddleboarding, by means of a motorized machine (jet ski or helicopter) that walks away after throwing the surfer onto the wave.

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global spot since 2010

Every winter, Praia do Norte is taken over by many surfers. This beach offers exceptional conditions for surfing giant waves due to the geological phenomenon called “Valley of Nazareth”: a crack in the sea floor 170 km long and 5 km deep in which the swell of the Atlantic rushes before pushing it. towards the surface when you reach the coast.

This is where the German Sebastian Staudtner is Setting the world record From the largest wave ever surfed, for 86 feet (26.2 meters), I rode on October 29, 2020. Several incidents have occurred there since American Garrett McNamara introduced her to surfing’s giant waves in the early 2010s, but none have been fatal until today. Thursday.

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