Fortnite: $3,008,500 for the first FNCS

There is a $3,008,500 prize pool at stake for the first FNCS Chapter 3 – Season 1 that launches this week.

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The first Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) kickoff will be given on Thursday, February 17th with qualification phases taking place over 4 days. Unlike in previous years, the format of this competition will be played in pairs and the number of teams directly qualified for the final will increase. Thus, the top 8 teams from each qualification will receive a ticket to the final.


The first stage of the qualifiers will start on Thursday, February 17, and then on Friday, and the rounds will be 2 and 3. As for the second part of the qualifiers, it will be on February 19 and 20, also divided into 3 rounds.

Note that only the best duos in each round will be able to make it to the next round.

Duos will compete a maximum of 3 hours, or 10 matches, during Round 1, and 2 hours of play, or 7 matches, for Round 2. For Round 3, players are entitled to 3 hours, but only 6 matches.

It is important to remember that during the third qualifying round, a new game will start automatically 30 minutes after the previous match. Organizers state that “if a team does not appear or miss the start of any game, it will be considered last (or restricted to last) with no disqualifications for that game.”

The eight duos with the maximum points in the rankings will qualify directly for the final, while the others will go to the semi-finals.

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semi final

On February 25, 26 and 27, the Fortnite Champion Series 2022 semi-finals will take place. This semi-final will be divided into 3 sessions, just like the qualifiers, a new game will automatically start 30 minutes after the previous one.

During Sessions 1 and 2, the duo will have 2 hours and 30, or 5 matches, while in Session 3, they will have 3 hours to compete, or 6 games.

This year, the organizers want more work. This is why all duos who win a Victory Royale during each session of the semi-finals will be directly qualified for the final. They will not need to be involved in the other parts of this step.

To fill the vacancies in the winning duos, the players in the order of series points will come to fill them.

  • Session 1: 5 parts; 2 x 30 First place – 50th in the points order series
  • Session 2: 5 parts; 2 x 30 1st place – 61 in the points standings series
  • Session 3: 6 parts; 3:00 am.; 1st place – 72 in the rankings in terms of points

the last

The FNCS Finals will take place from March 5-6. For this year, the tiebreak has been added. Therefore, if the duo can get a total of 500 points and 3 Royal wins in all 12 matches, they will be declared the FNCS Champion. Otherwise, the final match will be played as in previous seasons.

All players who qualify for the final will receive a portion of $3,008,500, depending on their region and ranking.

For more information about the rules and distribution of the kitty, we put you Official competition link.

  • Europe: $1,362,500
  • Eastern North America: $637,500
  • Northwest America: $239,500
  • Brazil: $418,000
  • Asia: 145 thousand dollars
  • Middle East: $114,000
  • Oceania: $92,000
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