Football – Zone 1: The Portuguese are punished, but not disrupted by Etaples

Football – Zone 1: The Portuguese are punished, but not disrupted by Etaples

Despite a three-point penalty on the Portuguese from Amiens in midweek, calm prevails at the club as Benoit Stourbois' players remain focused on the end of the season and welcoming Etaples this Sunday.

While the end of the season was looming for Portuguese FC Amiens, with such maintenance received at the Chaumont-en-Vexine stadium, sanctions were imposed on the club on Tuesday by the Hauts-de-France Football League for failure to submit administrative documents. on time. The violation resulted in a fine 2000 euros And 3 penalty points. At the club, we ensure that these documents are sent correctly and on time. This was confirmed by Abelio da Sousa, the Portuguese president, on Tuesday, and reiterated by Benoit Storbois, the first team coach: We are in nailsThat shouldn't be a problem, and we shouldn't have those three points less. »

However, if this sanction is maintained by the league, Amiens will not, before the final two matches of the season, Still not saved Because they will only have 28 points, just four lengths behind Etaples (24 points). To reassure themselves before the outcome of this penalty, Benoit Storbois' players will only need one point to finally get rid of this pressure on the standings. Moreover, the latter is not Not really bothered situation since they were He warned of the possibility of imposing sanctions After the match against Chaumont-en-Vexin.

It's an extra way for players to be serious until the end

Benoit Storbois, Amiens Portuguese coach

If the goal is to finish the 2023/2024 training session in the best possible way, this incident pushes the technician even more to reinforce his players before receiving the Etaples, “It's an extra way for the players to be serious until the end.” Especially since there is a real desire among Amiens technicians for this Wash the first leg insultWe were stunned by this defeat. » At the end of the match, Etablois easily won 4-1. This Sunday, the Portuguese will be without several of their players: Laberie is still injured, N'Zeza is highly doubtful, while Reynold and Diaby are suspended. But the spirit of revenge exists “The players talk about it among themselves.” Benoit Storboys relegated but the task will not be easy as their opponents are currently in first place in the relegation and are playing to stay in Zone 1. It's a big match ahead of usYou will have to do what is necessary to store as many points as possible. »

Regional 1, Day 21
Sunday, May 26, at 3 pm, at Michelet Stadium: Amiens of Portugal (fifth place, 31 points) – Etaples (eighth place, 24 points)

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