Do you like rap and not heavy metal? Science can explain why

(ETX Daily Up) – Music fans often have very strong opinions when it comes to music. This is why some are less sensitive to rock, pop or classical music. German researchers from the Max Planck Institute studied this phenomenon. It turns out that there are several factors that can explain this lack of love for certain musical genres.

Scientists asked about twenty people of all ages why they disliked certain musical styles. They find that it can be classified into three categories. The first includes characteristics related to the music itself, such as the words or composition of the piece. The second refers to the emotional and physical effects that some musical genres can have on individuals who are not sensitive to them; And the last category of social factors.

Contrary to what one might think, genre disappointment isn’t just related to an artist or a particular song. It’s sometimes more profound than that. Study participants reported feeling real physical discomfort when they listened to music they didn’t like. Some have headaches, nausea, or feel a high heart rate. This feeling of discomfort has repercussions on mental safety for some of the participants. They feel aggressive, angry, or frustrated when they listen to music they don’t like. Bad mood can persist over time.

Love of music, an innate personality trait?

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute have found that musical intonation performs important functions in building an individual’s identity. The style of music we don’t like tells us a lot about the style we like. those Musical Preferences Are social signs: It is common not to like the so-called “commercial” or “mainstream” paths. The fact that they are publicly denigrated makes it possible to highlight their own knowledge of music, especially good taste.

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The stereotypes associated with certain artists and fan communities also play an important role in the relationship between music fans and musical genres. Researchers note that study participants who say they don’t like heavy metal often have biases about the physical appearance of individuals who like groups like Black Sabbath, Metallica, and AC/DC. And they wrote in studyingwas recently published in the journal PLOS.

For many years, the scientific community has wondered why humans devote so much time and energy to music. Is it an innate trait as music lovers like to think of? It seems that this is not the case for everyone. In some cases, disliking music can even be written into the brain. Scientists talk about musical anhedonia. This neurological phenomenon, theory in Study 2013Explains why some people are unable to enjoy music. However, researchers still don’t understand exactly what goes on in these individuals’ brains, which prevents them from interacting with music like audiophiles.

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