Football/From Zone 3 to Zone 3. RHW’s first success?

Football/From Zone 3 to Zone 3. RHW’s first success?

After enjoying a walk in Elsenheim (2-6), last weekend in the Coupe de France, the Racing HW 96 will be hoping for its first win of the season in R3, this Sunday at home against the Portuguese Elsau.

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Regional 3: Ribophile reagent

➤ Group L: Thirteen, this is the number of goals Ribovilliers scored in his first two competitive matches (five against Racing HW on the first day, then eight in the Coupe de France against Saint-Croix-en-Blain). However, we will have to be tougher defensively than we face the Crusaders during the upcoming trip to FCOSK 06 Reserve.

The latter did not provide any details during the opening of the tournament at Stade Obernai II (6-1), where he announced himself as a great client after his winning team joined N3.

RHW managed to bounce back in the French Cup in Elsenheim and intends to start victorious at home against the Portuguese from Elsao, who will take revenge after the initial setback against Neudorf.

After losing at home two weeks ago to Sermersheim, before missing out by a hair, or rather by a minute and then by a shot on goal, qualifying for the French Cup against Sundhoven, Guimard will make the short trip to Selestat determined to qualify for the French Cup. Winning this time.

➤ Group M: We were surprised in the Coupe de France in Baldenheim After recovering three points from Reichweiler, it is true that he is very weak after being eliminated in the off-season, Niederhergehem welcomes Sundhoven II in an encounter that promises to be exciting. After falling from the start against Herzfelden (2-3), the visitors have no intention of turning the other cheek. This is a promising first derby.

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After being defeated in the US den by Wittenheim II, then crushed in the French Cup in Ribeauvilliers, Saint-Croix-en-Plaine Kingersheim – already on three points after dominating Rouvache – received the firm intention not to let doubt creep in. in.

District 1: Bennwihr wants confirmation

➤ Group D: After his short but valuable victory over Münster (1-0) on the first day, then showing euphoria against Kaisersberg in the French Cup (6-1), Pennoyer will be keen to confirm his good start but he will do so. We must be wary of unicorns that promise to be cruel. The Racing HW 96 II, beaten from the start by “KB” (3-4), will be on display against Markolsheim, a long-term rise as evidenced by its maiden win over Kintzheim (5-1).

Pfaffenheim will be aiming for a second home success ahead of Mediévaux, while Ingersheim will start their tournament in Münster, capped by a good performance in the Sélestat in the Coupe de France.

Ostheim/Husen will also hope to get off to a winning start when they host Kintzheim.

Zone 2: Gepsheim/Montzenheim tri-corridor?

➤Group D: Ilhausern’s reserves got off to a good start against Saint-Pierre-Bois/Trimbach (3-0). Confirmation is expected in Epfig.

➤ Group 5: Gebsheim/Müntzenheim, in the Alsace Cup in Wittolsheim (3-0), confirmed the first convincing success against Gundolsheim (4-1) and aimed for a triple pass at the ground of Ribovilliers II, badly hitting the entry of Hitteren (3-0).

The Red Devils are riding the momentum of a brilliant first half of 2023 and Horburg-Ver will have to work on curbing their enthusiasm. Helpless in the Alsace Cup against Selestat (0-7), will Colmar turn the page when it welcomes Weidensoln to take the lead from the start?

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Having just returned victorious from ‘Widen’, but falling to Pfaffenheim in the Coupe d’Alsace, Canton Vert will move on to promoted Ensisheim. Turkheim narrowly missed out on the title last season and has not run out of steam after his massive final race. However, it will not be easy to achieve a second success in Grossenheim, to avenge their first defeat on the pitch to Colmar. Gundolsheim – Réguisheim is still on the list for day two.

Zone 3: Herrlisheim at the demonstration again?

➤ Group 6: Coming from the first day’s success against Redeef Pinoy (10-0), then Wittolsheim fell from the top of the Alsace Cup against Gepsheim/Munzenheim (0-3). Expected reaction in the Fessenheim II field.

After an easy qualification in the ASCF Colmar den, Herrlisheim – who has also assisted eight goals for the KB students – risks causing a lot of misery for the Saint Croix-en-Plain reserve. Also winner on the first day (5-3 against Wintzenheim), then Bergheim stunned with Bergholtz (D4) and would take revenge in Munster II.

The takeover also has the ‘Wintz’ against Hirtzfelden Students, the Bennwihr II against Andolsheim (which starts the tournament) and the Kaysersberg II that will be played on the Wintzfelden/Osenbach heights.

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