Five years in Spain: Unemployed, she “forgets” to announce her vacation

Five years in Spain: Unemployed, she “forgets” to announce her vacation

An unemployed Belgian woman who says she “forgot” to announce her trip to Spain for 5 years will have to pay back nearly $50,000 in a letter she received wrongly.

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Traveling since 2017 to Tenerife, an island in Spain, a woman from Profondville, in Belgium’s Namur province, continued to receive unemployment benefits from the National Employment Organization (UNEM), according to Belgian media. 7 out of 7.

“She has not had a car registered in Belgium since 2012 and made most of her expenses in Tenerife. She rarely returned to visit her parents or, as she put it, to go to job interviews,” said the labor inspectorate.

For her part, the woman would have defended herself by pointing out that she had taken an “extended vacation” on the island where she was to meet a man. And so I “forgot” to announce everything to Onem, the Belgian media continued.

The unemployed woman has been ordered to pay back €33,500, the equivalent of about $50,000 Canadian dollars, that has been unjustifiably collected since 2017. She will therefore have to pay €100 – roughly $150 – per month, over a period of 30 years.

She was also fined 4,800 euros – more than $7,000 – by the Criminal Court of Namur.

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