37 years later, the sci-fi comedy starring Star Wars will have a sequel, and no one expected it – Actus Ciné

37 years later, the sci-fi comedy starring Star Wars will have a sequel, and no one expected it – Actus Ciné

Released in 1987, Mel Brooks' “A Mad Space Story” gently parodies Star Wars. 37 years later, this parody will have the title of a sequel that few expected.

When we look at it more closely, it's unexpected but not ultimately illogical: to the extent that the Star Wars saga is back too (and not ready to leave again), why not make a parody of the same? Mel Brooks' The Mad History of Space was released in theaters in 1987, so it will have a sequel.

This is what the American insider announced Jeff SnyderConfirming that Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf in the original version of Frozen) will be one of the actors and co-writers, without specifying what role he will play in the film. But this fits in with the actor's recent Instagram tease.

(“I just submitted a script for a movie that I think is the funniest and best thing I've ever worked on and I'm so excited. Working with my friends Dan Hernandez And Benji Summit It was heaven on Earth and many other planets as well. I love you guys!”)

Co-writer Dan Hernandez also formalized the news by sharing a Variety article on the topic. The film is directed by Josh Greenbaum (Barb & Star Go to Vista del Mar, Backstreet Dogs), although a release date has not yet been set.

Released on October 14, 1987 in our cinemas, where it still attracted 886,941 spectators, “Crazy Space History” takes us to another galaxy far, far away. The story in which President Scroop (Mel Brooks himself), with the help of the terrible Black Helmet (Rick Moranis), decides to take over the atmosphere of the peaceful planet Druidia.

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But he faces resistance from the plucky Lone Star (Bill Pullman), the loyal Barf (John Candy), Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga), her robot Dot Matrix (Joan Rivers), and the mysterious Yogurt (Mel Brooks again), the Grand Master. to “Schwartz”.

Back in the Force parody?

Any resemblance to George Lucas's famous epic is clearly no coincidence, with this film also transforming an iconic scene from Alien. We do not yet know what will be covered in the second part of it, or even the reasons for this sudden return.

Was it the recent series The Mad History of the World II (which followed Mel Brooks' 1981 film) that gave some people ideas? Or did you know that the Scary Movie saga will return to screens? At this rate, we can now expect to see hot shots! 3, if parody comes back into fashion.

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