Five planets will align this weekend, when and how do we observe them?

Five planets will align this weekend, when and how do we observe them?

This heavenly spectacle will occur just before dawn, around five in the morning. It lasts 45 minutes until sunrise. To observe it, it will be necessary to look in the direction of the constellation Aquarius. It is advised to stay away from all areas of light pollution and to prefer a place with a clear horizon.

To locate your location more easily, the app “ Sky Tonight You will locate the five planets in the sky thanks to augmented reality. If you don’t have a telescope or binoculars, no problem, the phenomenon may be visible to the naked eye (except for Neptune, which is the least luminous). And if you miss the exact date of the alignment, it will still be possible to observe it a few days later, even if June 17 remains the best day.

What is the order of appearance?

From Earth, the five stars would appear perfectly aligned, as if on an invisible thread, just above the horizon line. Saturn will appear first, followed by Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, and finally Uranus. Obviously, this remains an optical illusion, related to the question of the angle and the view from our planet.

the site Star Walk He points out that “not all parts of the world have the same view of planetary alignment”. Depending on the location of the Earth, “some planets may not be visible from where you live.”

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