Fall Guys will start playing for free on June 21 and will also be available on Xbox and Switch Level Builder soon

Fall Guys will start playing for free on June 21 and will also be available on Xbox and Switch Level Builder soon

My voice Give us an appointment today To get to know us more Fat » story announcement fall menAnd we suspected it had something to do with its availability on Xbox and Switch consoles. And we weren’t mistaken, as the studio announced the release date for these new versions, with another significant announcement: the game will be free to play.

Free for all

fall men Coming soon on all platforms, with The arrival of the Switch and Xbox versions, but also the Epic Games Store version, which will make the Steam version disappear (It will not be able to be downloaded on June 21.) We were also told aboutPS5 version Which will display in 4K and 60fps for a smoother experience, specifying that it is essential Now re-download the game on PS4 to continue playing.

If you are wondering what to give Switch version, we’re told the game will run at 30fps / 720p on mobile devices, and at 30fps / 1080p. And since the game offers cross-play and cross-progression, you can easily switch between platforms while maintaining your progress.

Good news, you won’t have to go back out to get the game on these new platforms. As of June 21, the arrival date for these new releases, fall men You’ll go for free to play.

People who purchased the game will receive the Legacy Pack With three outfits, but you can also access the Season Pass Premium for the first season of the game for free. This new Season Pass will simply give access to additional cosmetics.

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What do you expect from Fall Guys for the sequel?

There will also be new features, with new costumes and new events in a large stadium.Thanks to the game update that will be the biggest since the game’s release. Plus new collaborations with other series, such as Doctrine killerSoon in the game.

The studio’s next big project will be to focus on the Level Editor, which is still under development. It will soon be possible to create and share your own quizzes, but you have to be patient to discover all thisbecause we were warned that this functionality is still not very advanced.

See you June 21 to discover this new content (apart from level building), and enjoy fall men on new platforms.

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