Relive the Georgian achievement and the Turkish qualification

Relive the Georgian achievement and the Turkish qualification

Wednesday, June 26

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Fight between Türkiye and the Czech Republic!

The meeting ended badly in Hamburg. Czechs and Turks quarreled. Also, Chori, the player from the Czech Republic, was disqualified.

Türkiye, Portugal and Georgia in eighth place!

It's over on both grasses!

Türkiye won 2-1 over the Czech Republic, while Georgia achieved this achievement by defeating Portugal (2-0).

Czech Republic – Türkiye: Tosun eliminates the Czechs! (2-1, 93rd place)

After a rebound, Cenk Tosun denied himself on the left side of the penalty area, but his cross shot surprised the Czech goalkeeper. The Czech Republic was eliminated.

Georgia – Portugal: Mamardashvili's strong hand (2-0, minute 90)

After a fine one-touch recovery from Semedo, the Crusaders goalkeeper kept his side in front with a superb save. In the next match, he was happy to see Ramos' cross just wide of the post.

Czech Republic – Türkiye: Tosun loses the match point! (1-1, 89)

Starting the counterattack, the Turkish striker tries to find a partner alone on the right flank but his ball is too long, while his teammate was alone.

Georgia vs Portugal: Crusaders close in on the milestone! (2-0, min 86)

After another piece of work from Mikautadze, Bordeaux's main man Davitashvili hit the net. It's a shame Georgia let Portugal off the hook.

Georgia-Portugal: The Portuguese suffer! (2-0, min 79)

The Selecao continues to struggle with the Georgian defence. The latter looks good in their position.

Georgia – Portugal: Change of teams

Nunes and Jota replace Neto and Neves

Kverkevilya replaces Gvelicianni

Georgia – Portugal: Another chance for the Crusaders (2-0, 71st place)

Thanks to another clever swerve from Mikautadze, the Georgian crossbar finds Chakvetadze on the right side. The Crusader number 10 hits the end of the race and goes over the top.

Status in group F

Czech Republic – Türkiye: Czechs draw! (1-1, 66)

After complete chaos in the Turkish area, Gunuk is fouled by a Czech and is unable to take possession of the ball. Soucek seizes the opportunity to put the ball into the net. After verification, the goal is awarded.

Change on both lawns!

Tsitsishvili replaces Luchoshvili.

Gonçalo Ramos replaces Ronaldo, and Semedo replaces Silva.

Kovar instead of Stanik, Chori instead of Hluzik, Kuchta instead of Chitil

Georgia vs Portugal: Mikautadze's goal! (2-0, min 56)

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Ajax player converts with his cross shot. 2-0 to Georgia.

Georgia-Portugal: Penalty for the Crusaders! (1-0, min. 55)

Antonio Silva tackled Lukoshvili late on and after looking at the footage the referee blew the whistle for a penalty kick.

Czech Republic – Türkiye: What a goal Calhanoglu! (1-0, 51st place)

Calhanoglu sends the ball to the right side of the penalty area, hits the ball with the outside of his foot and deceives Stanic. What is the purpose!

Georgia vs Portugal: Mikautadze and Kvara miss each other! (1-0, min 48)

After a long clearance from Mamardashvili, Kvaratskhelia and Mikautadze lost each other in front of goal after a cross from Kakabadze. It was 2-0 there.

Georgia-Portugal: The Seleção is already growing! (1-0, 46th place)

Through Conceicao, then Ronaldo from a corner, the Portuguese looks dangerous, but lacks realism in the final move.

Here we go again to both herbs!

Georgia leads Portugal 1-0, then 0-0 in the other stadium. A change in the Portuguese team's lineup, with Ruben Neves replacing Palenha.

Group F position at the end of the first half

The first half has ended on both pitches!

Georgia took the lead at the end of the first half thanks to an early goal by Kvaratskhelia (1-0). In the other match, the Czechs led 10-11 against Turkey, but maintained their lead (0-0). However, the Czechs must definitely win to qualify.

Czech Republic-Türkiye: Good chance for Czech Republic! (0-0, 45th place)

Despite their numerical inferiority, the Czechs fought back and created chances. Hlozik's shot sent by Provod was blocked by the Turkish goalkeeper.

Beware Neto! (1-0, min 45)

After the counter action, the left piston of the simulation is warned.

Georgia-Portugal: Palinha! (1-0, 44th place)

As before, the Portuguese midfielder tries his luck from distance, but lacks the accuracy to find the goal.

Czech Republic-Türkiye: Things are getting tense in Hamburg! (0-0, 36th)

Three yellow cards within three minutes. Yildiz and Ozcan were booked for pulling their shirt and tackling late. On the Czech bench, Patrik Schick has been booked and will be suspended for the next match if it is the Czech Republic.

Georgia-Portugal: Kvaratskhelia and the dangerous Crusaders in a confrontation! (1-0, minute 35)

After Ronaldo's attempt, the Crusaders launched a counterattack. Mikautadze was alone on the right flank, but the ball found Kvaratskelia on the left flank. After passing two players, the left winger is drained at a distance of 30 metres. In the free kick, which he decided to take, the trajectory of his ball was close to reaching the net.

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Georgia-Portugal: Kvaratskhelia again! (1-0, 33rd place)

The Crusaders' left-back takes advantage of his team's high recovery to try his luck in the area. But his shot is blocked by Costa's small net. Damage.

Georgia-Portugal: Joao Felix! (1-0, 31)

The Portuguese striker, who is behind Ronaldo, tries his luck from the left side from the edge of the penalty area. Mamardashvili was beaten, but the attempt failed.

Georgia and Portugal: Yellow card for Ronaldo! (1-0, minute 28)

The Portuguese striker appeals for a penalty after having his shirt pulled out of the area following a cross he could not recover. Conceicao was on the receiving end but fired into the side netting.

Czech Republic-Türkiye: A difficult situation for the Czechs! (0-0, 27th place)

The Czech Republic is currently ten and will have to play the entire match with ten versus eleven players.

Portugal is rushing back against Georgia! (1-0, 22nd place)

Antonio Silva and Palhinha take turns trying their luck. The centre-back first heads the ball past Ronaldo, then the midfielder with a sharp shot. But neither effort really worries Mamardashvili.

Czech Republic-Türkiye: Red card for Barak! (0-0, 20th place)

Antonin Barak was sent off after another foul in midfield on Ozcan. The Czech national team is suffering from Turkish pressure, and this appears at the beginning of the match.

Georgia – Portugal: Free kick by Cristiano Ronaldo! (1-0, 17th place)

The Portuguese striker takes a free kick from 30 meters. After overpowering him, Mamarashvili turned him over with his fists. Well done by both actors.

Georgians show themselves against the timid Portuguese! (1-0, 14th place)

After the opening goal, Georgia defended well and created some counter-attacks. But Sagnol's side have been hunting down the last passes since Kvaratskhelia's goal.

Czech Republic – Türkiye: Yellow card for Barak

The Czech received a warning after a foul on Kadioglou. The first warning of the match.

Kvaratskhelia's opening score on video

Türkiye and Czech Republic want to define their region (0-0, 10th place)

Both teams are trying one after the other to gain the upper hand in this encounter. Türkiye is better at keeping the ball.

Current situation in Group 6 after this first goal

1. Portugal (6 points)
2. Türkiye (4 points)
2. Georgia (4 points)
3. Czech Republic (2 points)

Kvaratskhelia already opens the score for Georgia! (1-0, 2nd)

After the Portuguese lost possession, Kvara received a good pass from Mikautadze on the left of the area. He stares at Diogo Costa and passes his ball into the Portuguese net. What's the purpose!

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Let's go to both meadows!

Portugal face Georgia in Gelsenkirchen. Czech Republic and Turkey face each other in Hamburg.

The current status of Group F!

  1. Portugal (6 points)
  2. Türkiye (3 points)
  3. Czech Republic (1 point)
  4. Georgia (1 point)

Georgia-Czech Republic: Mamardashvili and Hernac's Wall Still Wrong… Peaks and Blunders

The Czechs have only scored one point since the start of the competition.

Türkiye-Portugal: Rafael Leao's activity and the absence of Turkish creativity… summit and confusion

The Turks were disappointing in their last match against Portugal.

Who will be the rulers?

Mr. Sandro Sharer He will be the referee for the match between Georgia and Portugal at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen. Istvan Kovacs He will be the referee for the Czech Republic vs Turkey match.

Georgian Kvaratskhelia wants to win against Portugal and “Ronaldo shirt”

“I hope we win and Cristiano Ronaldo gives me his shirt.”Georgia star Khvicha Kvaratskhelia smiled on Tuesday in the final match of the decisive group to stay in the Euros.

For Portugal, so far, everything is going (very) well.

After qualifying for the last 16 and finishing first in Group F even before facing Georgia on Wednesday, Cristiano Ronaldo's teammates have confirmed their place in the European Championship.

Czechia without a check, Turkey with Guler

Czech Republic: Jindrich Stanek; Ladislav Krejci, Ruben Hranak, Tomas Holz; David Jurasek, Lukasz Provod, Tomasz Sosek (c), Vladimir Koval, Antonin Barak; Adam Hluzik, Mojmir Cetyl.

Türkiye: Mert Gunuk; Ferdi Kadioglu, Samet Akadin, Merih Demiral, Salih Ozcan; Hakan Calhanoglu (c), Mert Muldor, Ismail Yuksek; Kenan Yildiz, Arda Guler; Baris Alper Yilmaz.

Portugal with Ronaldo, Georgia with Mikautadze

Georgia: Giorgi Mamardashvili; Guram Kashia (c), Lasha Dvali, Luka Luchoshvili, Giorgi Gvilsiani; Otar Kakabadze, Giorgi Koshorashvili, Giorgi Chakvetadze, Otar Ketishvili; Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, George Mikautadze.

Portugal: Diogo Costa; Antonio Silva, Danilo, Goncalo Inacio; Diogo Dalot, Joao Palhinha, Joao Neves, Pedro Neto; Francisco Conceicao, Joao Felix; Cristiano Ronaldo (c)

Group F result is here!

Hello and welcome everyone to this live broadcast of the two matches, the main match: Portugal-Georgia, and the second match between Czech Republic and Turkey.

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