Alora red pigment AC, or E129, has a role in the onset of bowel disease

Another food additive implicated in susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease. According to a new study, prolonged exposure to Red allura AC can cause colitis.

the food colouringfood colouring E129, also known as “Red allura AC”, is suspected of causing inflammatory bowel disease. According to researchers at McMaster University (Canada), long-term consumption of this dye enhances the susceptibility of mice to colitis, Through the serotoninserotonin intestinal. In fact, red AC would overproduce this neurotransmitterneurotransmitter present in the intestines, which would then modify the composition microbiota intestinal tract and increases susceptibility to colitis.

L’food additives It is a common ingredient in desserts, soft drinks, yogurts, flavored cheeses, ice creams, etc. used to add the colorthe color And from here texturetexture For food products, it is still authorized in France while some European countries have banned it.

Dye already suspected of being dangerous

Previous studies also suggest that consumption of Aloe Vera AC causes some allergic reactions, immune disorders, and behavioral problems in children, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).ADHD). The new study was published in Type connections It is now suggested that there is a link between this artificial food coloring (an environmental factor) and inflammatory bowel disease.

The researchers noted that intermittent exposure to the dye in mice for 12 weeks did not affect susceptibility to colitis. ” However, this exposure during early childhood Predisposes mice to increase susceptibility to colitis. In addition, chronic consumption leads to mild colitis, which is associated with elevated serotonin levels in the colon and impaired epithelial barrier function. »

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