EuroMillions: Who decides the jackpot amounts?

EuroMillions: Who decides the jackpot amounts?

It’s an amount that’s rarely put into play and is up for grabs on Friday, December 1st at EuroMillions. The European Lottery has decided to offer a jackpot of €200 million, something rare enough to highlight. And it actually is Biggest win ever offered For a jackpot, not a jackpot that has not been won for several weeks. As the site explained Winning drawAs a rule, the jackpot on offer is around €130 million. Furthermore, if one player wins the prize, he or she will enter the very closed circle of the top five EuroMillions winners.

But how are these amounts determined? according to BFMTV, The EuroMillions community consists of ten bodiesIt includes nine countries. We find France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, and Austria, in addition to Luxembourg and Switzerland, which have two lots. It is these bodies that decide throughout the year the rules regarding EuroMillions: the amounts involved, the number of winners, the type of game, etc. However, this type of jackpot is very rare; For example, since 2022 there have only been five.

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Up to 240 million euros

The last prize, of course, dates back to September, but the grand prize on offer was “only” 130 million euros. It was actually a Frenchman who got his hands on her. But if the amounts seem astronomical, they also bring a lot to these European bodies, since the more people play, the more successful the operation is. This time, the European Lottery is counting on at least 50 million players. If this number is reached, it is possible to renew the process. But nothing says that this many players will participate on Friday.

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In France, the Française des jeux (FDJ) game works differently, since it occasionally offers jackpots such as on Friday the 13th, at Christmas, or even on New Year’s Day. But the amounts are not that high. This Friday, with 200 million euros, you can buy yourself a lot of things, especially since if the jackpot is not won, its value could rise to 240 million euros!

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