Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season with statistics

Since the start of the season, PSG have played in 343, a system that allows full-backs to be in a high position on the field, but also gives them great attacking power. Here it is all about looking at what the freshmen are doing, Achraf Hakimi, 23, right, and Nuno Mendes, 20, left. Then we find a whole series of statistics that allow us to see a little of its impact.

Map of the French League and the Champions League

We notice very quickly that Nuno Mendes is taking his lane more, both defensively and offensively. In attack, he approaches the penalty area. In the Champions League, Nuno Mendes played more minutes, which explains why his area of ​​influence stands out. But in any case, the Portuguese is playing very high.

Comparative Statistics

Edito - Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season in stats

There is nothing, just under 200 minutes difference between the two. Nuno Mendes is fine, Hakimi too, but the left-leaning PSG game seems to benefit the Portuguese the most, who has been less in competition since the start of the season.

Edito - Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season in stats

They both brought their stone into the building this season. Mendes scored his first goal, Hakimi worries when his partners adapt to give him the ball. Note however that Mendes is more in rhythm than his teammate on the right who makes more calls (but rarely gives)

Edito - Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season in stats

There, Hakimi is slightly below his teammate, but only because in all his attempts, Nuno Mendes missed only once. For the rest, the effect is almost the same, one more shot for Hakimi. But we can expect more than 5 and 6 shots in about 1,000 minutes of play for one and about 800 minutes for the other, suggesting that PSG could do better.

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Edito - Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season in stats

In this statistic we know that Nuno Mendes and Hakimi are very close when it comes to forward passes to the opposite side of more than 10 metres. But also passes into the penalty area. This is due to its offensive quality, but above all, the high grounding allowed by the system. They are also there to support offensive players. The big difference between the two is the passes in the last third that move the ball forward. In this game, Nuno Mendes is much higher. He participates more in construction and offers more solutions for combinations and those. So he’s a little more creative, and less so than his friend on the right.

Edito - Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season in stats

As for the actions that lead to the shot, the actions that lead to the goal, again it’s really hard to pinpoint. The two stand at roughly the same stats.

Edito - Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season in stats

In terms of successful presses, Hakimi is ahead with a short header. Less chaotic than his young fellow, he’s more in sync with the game. Mendes is a little more messy although it’s also horribly effective.

Edito - Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season in stats

We feel it on the ground, Nuno Mendes brimming with energy. It is also very useful in recovering balls. Hakimi is located a little lower, which also corresponds to the fact that the entire block is often located a little to the left. Hakimi is usually alone on his right side. The difference is negligible, so it’s just a trend that the Portuguese have to confirm. For Hakimi, it looks like the game could lean more towards him. Galtier works in this field.

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Edito - Hakimi / Nuno Mendes: The start of the season in stats

Nuno Mendes’ activity is illustrated in this diagram. He never stops, has strong ideas and puts a lot of energy into what he does. This is the big difference with the match presented by Hakimi. The Moroccan seems to be more than just a courier making constant calls with the ball, which unfortunately we were unable to record in numbers. But it seems certain that Hakimi is making the most calls. He feels more comfortable in his game without the ball. The Portuguese like to rub their shoulders with others and get the ball to start the moves. Mendes is provocative both when defending and when he attacks. He does not hesitate to quibble and admits to his many flaws. But he does a lot on his own. Al-Hakimi has significantly lower rates in both areas. He appears less combative in his duels.

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