Euclid telescope restores sight

Euclid telescope restores sight

The Euclid Space Telescope, one of whose instruments was obstructed by a thin layer of ice, has regained its view after a careful defrosting operation, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced.

to'European Space Agency It is feared that this creeping frost will delay the mission, which was launched in July 2023, to explore the cosmic mysteries of dark matter and dark energy.

The defrosting process carried out by ground crews gently warmed Euclid's mirrors, It gave much better results than expectedhe announcedEuropean Space Agency In a press release.

After heating the first mirror by only 34 degrees Celsius, Euclid regained his sightThe space agency added.

Mission teams had noticed since November that the telescope's instrument, which reproduces images in visible light, was receiving less light than expected, with stars appearing less bright than they should.

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