Elon Musk warns of “human-like robots” that could hunt humans

Elon Musk warns of “human-like robots” that could hunt humans

Elon Musk predicted on Thursday that the future of artificial intelligence will be an “age of plenty,” with “high global incomes” but not a universal basic income, but warned that “human-like robots” could prey on humans.

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The SpaceX and Tesla owner was speaking in a conversation with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on the sidelines of the first Global Artificial Intelligence Summit in Bletchley Park, United Kingdom.

He said there would come a time when “action is not necessary,” during a face-to-face meeting with Sunak later in London.

Instead, he added, the jobs would only be for those who want a job for “personal satisfaction.”

Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence was like a “magic genie” that grants all your wishes, reminding us that these fairy tales rarely end well.

“One of the future challenges is how to find meaning in life,” he said.

According to him, “we should be very concerned” about humanoid robots that “could follow you anywhere.”

“What happens if the software gets updated one day and it’s not easy anymore?” Mr. Musk asked.

Thus the tech billionaire emphasized the importance of having a physical key.

“We’ve all seen” films about robots that end with the machines shutting down, Rishi Sunak responded.

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The two-day meeting in Bletchley ended on Thursday with the Western governments and companies involved agreeing to a new security testing system, the so-called next generation HAVE “frontier”.

This live exchange between Musk and Sunak was not later broadcast on X.

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