Dying Light 2 will include a new photo mode, a new game and other new features.

It’s no secret that since the release of Dying Light 2, developer Techland has worked hard on updates to keep the game running as it should. In addition to the free content and bug fixes, they are now also expanding the gameplay options. Let’s see what they have in store.

In an interview with Game Informer, the lead designer of Dying Light 2 gave us this information. Apparently, we will talk about the implementation of Picture Mode, New Game Plus, and more difficulty options to make the game easier or more difficult. Along with this new information, he talks a little bit about the content of the first year and what it stores.

Dying Light 2 continues to bring new features

In the interview, Smectala said that absolutely everything should be thought of to keep the large and diverse Dying Light 2 community happy with the game. That’s why amazing requests come from those who completed the game quickly, demanding the new game as well as new options to adjust the difficulty or the included picture mode.

The most surprising requests were the requests for new content from those who played Dying Light 2. Some of the biggest requests were for New Game Plus, Photo Mode, and new difficulty options.

As you can see, the development team seems to be working on quite a few things to ensure Dying Light 2 can survive five years without problems, which, in principle, they already have content ready. We will keep an eye on all the news they bring to us, let’s see what surprise they have in store for us this time.

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