7 Tips to Reduce Pain with a Vegetarian Diet

7 Tips to Reduce Pain with a Vegetarian Diet

The Rheumatoid arthritis that it An acute inflammatory disease of joints that gradually wears down, resulting in disability. Many treatments now allow improvement of the symptoms of this autoimmune disease and, only in very rare cases, complete and prolonged remission. Therefore, scientists continue to search for solutions to eradicate the disease. About it, a team of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine A new study has been published that highlights Positive effects of a vegetarian diet on disease symptoms.

Vegetarian Diet: Reduces Arthritis

“One A plant-based diet could be the prescription for joint pain relief for millions of people with rheumatoid arthritis. And all the side effects, including weight loss and lowering cholesterolsaid researcher Neil Barnard, lead author of the study and chair of the Physicians’ Committee.

To reach this conclusion, researchers followed 44 patients with rheumatoid arthritis for sixteen weeks. The first group followed A vegan diet The first four weeks, before gradually reintroducing foods excluded from this diet. A second group continued their classic diet, taking a placebo in tablet form. Then the two groups were switched to check the results.

During the vegetative stage, the scientists then observed a two-point decrease in disease severityversus just 0.3 points for the placebo phase. They also noticed that The average number of swollen joints decreased from 7 to 3.3 during the vegetative stageThis number decreased from 4.7 to 5 during the placebo phase. The results of the DAS (Disease Activity Score) also improved significantly during the vegetative stage, which means that Patients suffered less than Joint pain.

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Other positive aspects brought up by researchers: Participants lost an average of 6 kg on the vegetarian diet, versus an increase of about 1 kg with the placebo diet. From Greater reductions in total cholesterol It is also observed during the vegetative stage.

The editorial staff allows you to discover a file Practical aspects of creating such a scheme.

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