Do you know “supermarket anxiety” or shopping anxiety?

Do you know “supermarket anxiety” or shopping anxiety?
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While many enjoy shopping and choosing good products to cook with, for others, the supermarket is synonymous with anxiety. In fact, this commonplace can turn into a living hell. We call this “Supermarket anxiety.”

there “Supermarket anxiety” It translates to “supermarket anxiety.” Fear that is particularly generated by social anxiety, as psychologist Rebecca Wanek explains Designed in the United Kingdom : “The lack of control in the supermarket environment can be a significant factor in anxiety in some customers.”. This is triggered due to various factors.

The truth is that this feeling is pain “It can arise from various aspects of the shopping experience, including sensory overload, crowds, the wide range of choices, and the need to make quick decisions….” Crowds, smells, number of foods… this much information can amplify feelings of stress and increase the desire to leave.

To combat this feeling of anxiety, the expert shared some tips. First, she explains, it's important to identify sources of stress in order to best combat them.

It is therefore recommended, for example, to prepare a shopping list to save time and focus on specific tasks. Then choose times when supermarkets are less crowded to avoid overcrowding. Don't go shopping like this in the evening after work. You will save time. Try adopting some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing to reduce your heart rate. Finally, be accompanied, it will seem easier for you if you go there with pleasure. Alternatively, you can put on headphones and listen to a podcast or music you want to relax to.

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