direct. Olimpija Ljubljana – Lille: Mastiffs take the lead on a wet field

direct.  Olimpija Ljubljana – Lille: Mastiffs take the lead on a wet field

⏱️ The first half is over, Lille leads 1-0!

Mr. Jablonski brings everyone back to the locker room. Lille is doing the job thanks to Remy Capela, at the moment, especially since Slovan Bratislava is suspended at Klaksvik (1-1 at the end of the first half).


Yazıcı was thrown to the ground by Dovo

The referee did not hesitate and ordered the Turk to stand on the left edge of the penalty area.


🟨 Mr. Jablonski issues two warnings

Samuel Umtiti and Marco Brest were arrested by the patrol for two anti-playing actions. From Lille’s side, only Bentaleb is threatened with suspension if he receives a warning.


Kabila did not find Yazisi

The high recovery allowed the Turkish striker to create a goal situation that the former France international put an end to by losing his serve.


🟨 Thiago Santos was called to order

The Brazilian full-back held Motica down the left wing, while the Serbian striker appeared to make the difference.


Gundmundsson has mud in his eyes

After being subjected to a strong challenge, the Swedish full-back was forced to clean his eye on the edge of the pitch.


Motyka locks up Euro

The Serbian, the dynamite of this Slovenian team, presses the French international and recovers the ball at the entrance to the area. He can’t find an eye-catching location yet.


Andrei shot flying into the magnificent sky

The Lille captain received a powerful cross from Gundmundsson, and saw his recovery in the stands.


Cautious applause for Pintul

Zhegrova’s corner kick is poorly cleared at the near post: Bentoul is alert on his line and pushes the spinning ball towards the back net.

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Pintul relaxes and saves Ljubljana!

Zhegrova, comfortable on this less-affected side, sneaks onto the ball and attempts a shot with her left foot. After a huge bridge over Muhamedbegovic, Kosovo achieved their goal but came up against Bentul, who made a brilliant save.


Yazıcı was captured by Lasikas

After Zegrova’s deep warning, the Turkish striker was undoubtedly hampered by the ball slowing down due to the terrain.


The knight repels danger

Mutica tries to spark a Slovenian revolution, but the Serbian winger has his shot blocked by the young French goalkeeper.


Funny atmosphere at Stozice Stadium

After Kabila opened the score, the Lille residents present tried to make their voices heard. It was not easy, given the powerful sound system spread throughout the stadium, which played an interesting melody on the violin.


⚽ Remy Capela opens the scoring!

On a cross from Zegrova, Cabella, one-on-one from 6 metres, takes over with the first goal. Pintol relaxes, but the ball stops in front of the line, stuck in a puddle. The former Montpellier can push the ball calmly.


Rui Pedro tests the Chevalier

The Portuguese was completely alone in the penalty kick, lying down to adjust a header, after a good cross from Lasikas. The knight can pick it up.


Andre’s intervention is very strong

If the game wasn’t like that, the slow motion would be amazing. Andre’s aggressive intervention at Dufou’s feet, in the rain and in the mud, is worthy of a turn-off.

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Euro objects to Brestrick

In the previous action, Capela then tripped Jazici in a Ljubljana block.


The left side makes it impossible to pass at level ground

Around the center line, mud has replaced grass, and each transmission is slowed within a few metres.


The first acceleration of Zhegrova

On the right side of the pitch, which was less flooded, the Kosovo striker ran inside and fired his first shot, which was blocked by the Slovenian defence.


Not all of the ground is completely wet

However, the show must be greatly compromised in the face of Dantesque conditions, which are rare at the professional level.

⏱️ Let’s go to Ljubljana!

In the rain, Mr. Jablonski starts the match.

🔴 Paulo Fonseca leaves Angel Gomez on the bench due to the weather

According to the journalist the team Thomas Doucet, who was present at the site, preferred that the Portuguese coach leave the midfielder on the bench in light of the complicated weather conditions.

🎥 Waiting for the summary of Lille’s win in the first leg

🌧️ Let’s play in the rain

📊 Lil qualifies if…

Lille can maintain its presence in the next round if it wins over Slovenia this evening. A positive result in the Faroe Islands, where Klaksvik faces Slovan Bratislava, could allow the Mastiffs to book their ticket to the last 16.

European League Conference. Lille qualifies for the Round of 16 or the Round of 16 if…

🧒 Ayoub Bawadi returns to Lille’s lineup

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He actually started on the second day against Klaksvik (0-0) on 5 October, as the young midfielder became the youngest player in history to feature in a European Cup match.

Lille’s Ayoub Boadi became the youngest player in history to play in the European Cup

✅ The match will be held

Match referee Mr. Jablonski indicated that the match would take place today, according to reports RMC Sport.

⬇️ Formation of Ljubljana

Ljubljana: Bentol – Lasikas, Ratnik, Muhammedbegovic, Suale – Elsnik (cap), Duvu, Rui Pedro – Brest, Prestic, Motyka. trainer : Paulo Fonseca.

⬇️LOSC formula

If the meeting is not quite certain yet, the Lille squad is available anyway.

night: Knight – T. Santos, Euro, Umtiti, Gudmundsson – Andre (Cap), Bentaleb – Zegrova, Boadi, Kabila – Yazisi. trainer : Paulo Fonseca.

⬇️ Ingenious ideas for the Earth Age

As rain continues to fall in Ljubljana, a specially sent team continues to use the towel technique, as shown in this video from RMC Sport.

☑️ Towards keeping the match

Journalist Olivier Fossi, who is in Ljubljana for La Voix du Nord, reports that volunteers are currently disinfecting the grass using towels.

🔴Is the match in danger?

Heavy rain fell in Slovenia, so much so that the floor of the Stusice Stadium was flooded just over an hour before kick-off.

European League Conference. The performance of the match between Ljubljana and Lille is in danger, and the stadium is flooded with water

👋 Hello everyone

Welcome to this live broadcast of today’s fifth match of the Europa League between Lille and Olimpia Ljubljana, scheduled for 6:45 p.m.

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