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This Sunday, Amiens of Portugal went on to achieve a very important success to remain at the top of their regional group 2. Led by Nogent-sur-Oise, Amiens managed to turn the tide, as well as the coach Benoit Storbois was satisfied with that. his group Serving Leader ahead of key deadlines. interview.

Other than the result being able to make a comeback with the Portuguese Amiens, what do you remember from the meeting?

We asked to get into the game and try to get them into the first quarter of the hour. After a minute of playing, we get a goal opportunity, head on. We missed, counter-attacking, the transition, and then 1-0 in favor of Nogent. Let’s say we didn’t start out in the best way. But we don’t panic, we have the ball and we keep playing. We have a second situation by Jonathan Isambart, who throws the ball to the goalkeeper, but he sees his ball hit the crossbar and is out. Then we have a shot from Da Veiga that hits the post, then a volley where Isambart launches deep and knocks the goalkeeper out. He wants to cross for Ryan, but the defender saves it with his toe. Just before the end of the first half, we have a free kick that Izambar hit in the porthole, but the goalkeeper made a great save.
In the locker room, I ask to insist, to keep playing. He needed more offensive proficiency, even if it made sense to motivate the men. Tell them that what we were doing was very good, that we only needed that little goal to win the game. A quarter of an hour later, Isambart fires at Da Veiga, who shoots the goalkeeper. After that, it’s very revealing, because one of our players directly substitutes the ball to resume play, showing persistence.
At that point, it’s a steamroller, and we don’t leave them with anything. We have a shot from Lorenzo Reynolds, which is blocked by the goalkeeper. Then, with a heel from Da Veiga for Reynolds who, with his foot flat, scored it 2-1. We have a great opportunity in three-player co-play, which ends with a long shot. Then, the goal that would make us finish calmly was Idez who released Coupelle, who reformed the goalkeeper, and passed to Isambart who left no chance, 3-1.

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It’s also good to know how to win this way, because the scenario has been unfavorable every time you’ve lost this season. There was no panic…

That’s exactly what we said with Claude. We always win interesting content. The men tore each other to pieces, and put their asses to the ground (so) as they say. They come out injured, because they don’t hesitate to put in the effort. We won this game with aggression and composure, while every time we fell behind we wanted to come back quickly to score. There, we didn’t rush, we were convinced at half time that we would come back to this match and win it. It proves we can do it. Mentally we are still a very fragile team. As soon as something is not working as we would like, we tend to rush.
non. We saw a calm and united team. This was the speech at the end, congratulating them on the state of mind and all the ingredients they put into it. I don’t hide from you that I prefer to score a goal in the first minute rather than in the 90th minute, we have a lot of late time to get back to the score. You’ll see the content too! We have won over our game principles, and added to those the most occupying values. We were calm, patient, without haste, unlike Abbeville, where we started to serve long balls to score, when we had to keep insisting. There, it’s a really successful match, regardless of the target tarnishing the copy.

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It indicates that the group is gaining maturity and that it learns from its mistakes, at least from its experiences…

It’s very positive, knowing that there are big deadlines ahead, with Gamaches next week. We don’t have time for procrastination, we have to be ready for work next Sunday. On the other hand, I do not hide from you that Desbois came out in the 30th minute for Reynolds. His performance shows that he is good and that we have an extended group, but Mika, we don’t know what she will offer. We have a Facquier who came out in the 70th minute, with the same exams to pass on Tuesday. We have Eddies who ends up on his knees, he’s starting to do a lot. We feel that it becomes physically difficult, because the players are making efforts. In the upcoming deadlines, we have proven that we can. Now, I hope we’ll be able to heal all the wounds, because we’re going to need everyone.

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Nugent – Amiens FC: 1-3 (1-0)

Eleventh day of Regional 2

George Lane Sports Complex, Nogent-sur-Oise

Referee: Mr. Legrand

Goals: Da Vega (62 points), Reynolds (74 points), Izambar (83 points)

Portuguese Amiens – Gningue – Seguenebou, Ameur, Wable – Idez, Facquier (c.), Cupelle, Siradjidini – Isambart, Da Veiga, Despois

Involved: Reynolds, Devauchelle

Coach: Benoit Storbois

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